Bridgett Ward, left, and Danielle Vann are pictured in the new massage room. — TRIBUNE PHOTO SAMARIA BAILEY

Chestnut Hill’s Canvas Skin Spa celebrated its expansion into a new space this weekend, now offering additional services in one of the oldest buildings of the city.

Named The More Canvas Skin Lounge, the space, built in 1796, is adjacent to Canvas’ original building and allows the Spa to offer more services.

“I’m excited. It’s a long time coming,” said Bridgett Ward, Canvas founder. “It’s another chapter in my growth. It also allows those who have worked for us at the grassroots level to see us developing and for them to stay here because this is such a high turnover industry for staffing. It’s been a consistent steadiness.”

The new side includes two rooms, one of which has two massage tables for couples or friends who want to receive services together. There is also an “occasion retail room” that offers organic skincare products by a Black-owned brand, makeup and accessories.

The development also brings a fresh focus on existing services and new ones. One that Ward emphasized at the launch of the grand opening is the balancing facial for women suffering from breakouts at menstruation.

“I kept seeing women, when I’m doing other services, with these bumps and I’m looking to say, ‘something is going on here’ but I didn’t know what it is,” Ward said. “Many times [we] think it’s stress, not knowing it’s hormonal. The stress is one hormonal imbalance but our body going through the hormonal change of releasing waste is another whole different thing.”

Ward said even though this specific service of addressing skin problems caused by menstruation was originally for teen clients, she wants to expand it for adult clients to let them know they don’t have to suffer just because it is a regular occurrence, but that it is treatable and preventable.

“Working with the younger group has allowed me the opportunity to see it’s a struggle situation for some women,” Ward said. “I will definitely [ask] what is their intake of water. I will probably have a quick series on water being our friend.

“I would approach it on the [question] of ‘are you still suffering?” Ward asked. “We’ve learned how to accept our skin raging havoc but it doesn’t have to be.”

Danielle Vann, lead aesthetician, named other services they want to explore with the new space.

“We have space to explore different things with retail and we’ll be able to accommodate bridal parties and facilitate more make-up classes because that’s what a lot of women are asking for,” Vann said.

Rosalyn Long, a client for two years, was one of dozens of customers that toured the new area. She also played a part in the expansion as she helped the Spa arrange the retail room.

“I think it’s just breathtaking,” Long said. “The ambiance is awesome. It’s nice when you have a beautiful place to come to relax, listen to nature’s music and have a professional that knows Black skin.”

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