Bruce Carter, formerly of Black Men for Bernie, now runs Trump for Urban Communities.

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It’s been more than a month since voters made their way to the ballot box to make Donald Trump the next president of the United States.

Bruce Carter, a life coach who founded Black Men for Bernie before establishing another political organization — Trump for Urban Communities — is firm in his belief that the Republican president-elect will improve urban neighborhoods.

“I am very confident that this time next year — in 12 months — there will be individuals in a better position,” he said. “There will be examples of people who will have been affected, I do believe, by the greatest thing that happened for urban communities and Black voters. [That is] that the Democratic stronghold that was there is not there anymore.”

Carter claims that Sen. Bernie Sanders would have won the election matched up against Trump. But once Hillary Clinton was named as the Democratic presidential candidate, Carter decided to eventually throw his political support behind Trump.

“Bruce didn’t focus on Trump the man, but the opportunities that existed if the urban communities would reject the failed policies of the Democrats and would instead vote for their interest,” he wrote in an email to the Tribune, referring to himself in the third person. “That message of voting your interest allowed [me] to move away from the media distractions surrounding Trump and stay focused on the objective of breaking the stronghold Democrats have had in urban communities.”

When Trump was elected, Carter said, is when African-American political slavery ended.

Though he doesn’t necessarily explain how Trump will impact urban communities, Carter did say he believes the president-elect will bring in large corporations with high-paying jobs and will rebuild communities.

“It’s about trying to have a seat at the table to be heard,” Carter said. “If you don’t have access for someone to hear what you’re really saying, it doesn’t matter.”

In terms of African-American nominees to his cabinet and appointees to his transition team, so far, Trump has named retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson as his pick for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Deputy Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania Renee Amoore was named to Trump’s transition team.

Having opened a Black Men for Bernie office earlier this year in a Black barbershop out of which to rally support for the Vermont senator’s former presidential bid, Carter said he now plans to open a Trump for Urban Communities office in North Philadelphia early next year, although the specific location has not been determined.

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