Woman celebrates 105 years of life

Polly Averhart celebrates 105 years of life

Sheffield — Nearly 100 people gathered at a home in Sheffield Sunday afternoon to celebrate 105 years of life. The special celebration recognized Polly Averhart as a staple in the community.

"She has a keen mind and a kind heart. She's good for the community and you see the whole state of Alabama is recognizing her," said VFW Auxillary 8640 President, Mary Stevens.

Averhart was given a key to the city of Sheffield, a resolution from a state senator, and was named an honorary member of the VFW Auxiliary.

"We are so pleased to be able to offer a key to the city to show her that not only are we celebrating her life, but we want her to know that we care about her, we love her, and we value her contributions to the city," says Sheffield City Councilwoman District 3, Penny Freeman.

So what is the secret to a long and successful life? Averhart's family says they know.

"She always spoke about love, love brings people together," says Polly's son Erskin Averhart.

Love, that's what Averhart has instilled into five generations.

"She always wanted us to do things for each other. When one is down, pick em up," says Erskin Averhart.

That love stems from her strong spiritual roots. Averhart tells me, her 105 years have been on God's time.

"God let me stay here that long," said Polly Averhart.

Her friends and family say she lives a life devoted to others.

"She has become a community mother. She's raised many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so forth," says Penny Freeman, Sheffield City Councilwoman District 3.

Six generations of that family celebrated the big milestone together, more than a century of memories, and the precious gift of life.

While the big celebration was held today, Polly Averharts official birthday is this Tuesday, October 8. — (CNN)

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