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Symone D. Sanders took issue with rapper Uncle Luke’s opinions on presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris. (Image courtesy of

CNN contributor Symone D. Sanders says she is tired of Black men offering up their “unsolicited opinions” of California Sen. Kamala Harris — and now folks are tired of her.

Sanders, 29, voiced her frustrations on Twitter this week after ’90s rapper and entertainer Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew fame penned an op-ed criticizing Harris’ prison-reform record as San Francisco’s district attorney and state attorney general. Luke, whose real name is Luther Campbell, argued Harris would be hard pressed to find many blue-collar blacks, especially men, who would be willing to vote for her in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

The California Democrat officially threw her hat in the ring in the race for the White House on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, promising to “bring our voices together.” If successful, she would be the first woman to hold the presidency and the second African-American.

“Kamala Harris will have trouble persuading black voters to make her president in 2020,” Campbell wrote in a column published Tuesday in The Miami New Times. “First, the U.S. senator from California must explain why Donald Trump has a better prison-reform record than she had as the Golden State’s attorney general.”

Sanders, a former national press secretary for Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, didn’t take too kindly to Campbell’s critique on Harris and said she didn’t see why he, or any other Black man for that matter, felt obligated to give their negative opinions.

“Uncle Luke is no political mastermind or strategist,” she tweeted. “Why do Black men keep popping up with their unsolicited opinions about Kamala Harris?”

It wasn’t long before social media critics called Sanders out for her comments, accusing the political analyst of “weaponizing” her gender to belittle the political opinions of African-American men.

“Unsolicited? Obviously it was solicited — it’s in the paper,” journalist and show host Tim Black replied “Luke doesn’t own the paper. Men can speak Symone. I know you’d rather we didn’t unless it supports your opinions. Speech is available to us all, not just MSNBC contributors like you who weaponize gender.”

“He has an opinion and his political mind doesn’t invalidate that,” another critic chimed in. “The majority of voters aren’t political masterminds.”

One user noted that “not once Mrs/Ms Sanders did you refute @unclelukereal1 article. We (Black men) see right through what is trying to be done. Kamala and those like her (you included I guess) are aligned with everyone but … BLACK MEN. It’s not gonna work.”

Another critic put it plainly: “We will not be silenced!”

Black women also chimed in to note they too had no plans to vote for Harris and took issue with Symone’s critique.

“why do people who really have no clue that kamala harris isn’t for black people at all. it’s not just black men..we are NOT rocking with her but anyway 🛏️🐜 #NotWithHer,” tweeted one user.

Another added, “I seen just as many Black Women share dissatisfaction with Kamala track record….(I know it’s trendy to pick on Black men right now though 🤷🏽‍♀️ ) plus with what Luke said…’Where the lie at’”

In his op-ed, Campbell pointed out how Harris supported legislation that fueled the school-to-prison pipeline and opposed federal supervision of California’s prisons after U.S. Supreme Court ruling determined the jam-packed facilities “inflicted cruel and unusual punishment on inmates.”

“When she appealed a court order to implement new parole programs, Harris cited the need to use prisoners as slave labor to fight wildfires and pick up highway trash,” he added. “Though black voters want politicians who’ll put away thugs and killers terrorizing the neighborhood, they don’t support those who deny defendants rehabilitation and send them to prison for crimes they didn’t commit to line private prison companies’ pockets.”

This story originally appeared in the Atlanta Black Star.

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Charles Reed

Wells Fargo Bank who's headquartered is located in SF and been engaged in more than a decade of racial abuse of blacks, as Harris the AG of CA never brought this notorious racist to justice for stealing home in the State and around the Nation.

Wells illegally acted as if they purchased Dept of VA and FHA loans from Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu) but as Obama created the HAMP, FHA HAMP & VA HAMP they failed to work because Wells refused to underwrite the request when in fact there was no enforceable debt on the loans after Sept 25, 2008!

Harris to busy being a side piece of Mayor Brown or now doing the Serena & Venus Williams, Meghan Markle, Halle Berry, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Eve, Vanessa Williams as the list grows, but as the criticism of black men with white partners not doing for or with blacks. Why is there a different standard when if Obama had white women that looked like his mother, black women would not have voted for him yet we have not brought that up! You got a white man at the house while locking up black males for any and everything, but billions of dollar of black wealth stolen right from under the enforcement nose of Harris the Howard grad with some online like law school degree after the Harvard Law grad Obama failed to be able to understand laws protecting blacks!

Got no problem voting for you no matter what race you mate is as long as your doing what you should be doing for your race, however, that you're sending black teenagers to jail for thousands of dollars in crimes but banks are settling billions of dollars criminal matters while not paying restitution to blacks!


Wow I couldn’t have said this any better this my exact sentiment and I m a black woman too many wrongs by these blacks folks and think we’re not paying attention !!!


Carmella Harris is an bed wench an race traitor she will lose big time black men will not be voting for this race traitor or any white or black women period.


Her name is Kamala you dumb monkey,black men are responsible for more than half murders in our country that’s why she’s tough on crime


Agree 100%


I know she'll do as much for our people as Obama did. Zero.


Obama wasn't king you ignoramus. Tripled my investments you simian.


Campbell is correct. I'm not feeling her either and have no plans to vote for her. She is not an African-American and has no love for us. Her father is a Jamaican immigrant and her mother is East Indian. African-Americans are the descendants of the Africans that were enslaved in the U.S. Black immigrants are not African-Americans and don't identify as such. Most East Indians have no love for Black people including their own -- the Dravidians who say they migrated to India from Africa thousands of years ago. Indians here are nasty and rude to dark-skinnned Black people. Caste system anyone?

Plus, she hasn't been in the Senate for even one term. If I was one of her constituents, I would be upset that she is now trying to run for another office when she hasn't completed one term. Same with Obama. Everyone who looks brown/black is not for Black people.


All FACTS# @FireAngel. Koala’s father is mixed too & the East Indian that her mother is claim European. 🤷🏿‍♀️ like Obama Jew-ish Mother, these people try to racheldolezal way in the African community, eI call it infiltration via cultural appropriation. The righteous must speak out against these agenda whores.


I have no love or respect for Harris, but your comments about her "Jamaican" heritage are not very knowledgable. You do know that the slave shios dropped her ancestors off in Jamaica like they dropped yours and mine to this plantation you call the U.S. Her family experienced the same slavery and racial segregation on that island that we did here. Theres was just done with the Kings English. In fact, since the slave masters dropped us wherever, you could be physically related to Africans in the Caribbean since the only difference was as as boat stop. The premise of your point is even weak. Jamaica is part of the Americas right? That means they are also (your term) "African Americans." These are reasons we really need to stop letting our enemies define our world for us.


Kanaka comes from a family of SLAVE OWNERS....her father is very proud of that. Also, Jamaicans May live in the americas but they were NOT enslaved by the US—we were. We are not Jamaican and they are not ADOS however they can call themselves African Americans when they want to connect


NO. I know my history and geography very well. Jamaica is a Caribbean nation and is not on any American continent -- North or South. We're talking about here in the U.S. Yes, we all came on the same slave ships and they suffered as well. They do not descend from those who were held in slavery in this country. Yes, we may be related to those in the Caribbean, but I can't claim Jamaican, Cuban, Dominican or Brazilian heritage when my ancestors were dropped off here. Slavery in the Caribbean and South America was not the same as in the U.S. Do some research. Jamaica is a majority Black nation even though it was colonized by England. They had no Jim Crow segregation and KKK riding down on them like we had here. I'm old enough to remember that. Jamaicans are not African-Americans! They refer to themselves as Jamaicans, Jamaican-Americans or Jamericans. Same with the other Black immigrants. African immigrants refer to themselves as Nigerian-Americans, Ghanaian- Americans, Liberian-Americans, etc. Actually most just refer to themselves by their country without the American added and even go so far as identifying by their ethnic group -- Yoruba, Igbo, Ga. Hausa, Fulani, etc. Your premise is weak.

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