The Yeadon Democrats recently elected Florence Penny McDonald to lead its party as its chairwoman.

“I’m very excited about it and it was my first experience in my last election in November being the chair,” McDonald said. “The responsibilities of the chair is to hold monthly in order to discuss ways to educate committee members so that they, in turn, can educate the community in community, legislative and community matters which the community needs to be involved.”

McDonald said often times citizens aren’t aware of the activities of the legislators which represent them, and it is one of the goals of the party to raise such awareness.

“It’s very important for our community to know who they are voting for when it’s time to vote, and it’s very important for our community to hold our elected officials accountable for the decisions that they make,” McDonald said.

She noted simply voting for a candidate is not enough, once elected, the legislative activities of these legislators must be monitored.

“So often we vote legislators in, and we don’t pay attention to how they are voting. Sometimes they are voting in ways that are counter productive to our lifestyles,” McDonald said.

Part of the Democratic Party’s responsibilities include consistently informing the people about the activities of legislators.

Leslie Lewis-McGirth is founder of the Fresh Start Program, which provides services for at-risk youth in Delaware County and surrounding areas and have been neighbors with McDonald for nearly a decade.

“We all voted her in as chair of the Democratic Party, because she has the passion and love for the community,” she said. “(Before,) the party did not work together, and the party wasn’t all together pleased with who the president was.”

With McDonald elected as new president, Lewis-McGirth hopes the move will bring change.

“My hope is that we all stay together as a team, go to the meetings and get elected officials on council who are going to actually work for Yeadon Borough and not just hold a title,” Lewis-McGirth said.

This opinion is echoed by Robert E. Wright Sr., director of the William Penn School District, committee person and member of the executive committee.

“She has shown that she had vision, putting the Yeadon Democratic Party on the map in Delaware County,” he said.

Wright noted the job of chairwoman is an important one since it is the chairwoman who sets the tone for the party and its activities.

“We have nine precincts in Yeadon Borough, and it’s very important that we have a strong committee person that is able to get out the vote for the Democratic Party,” he said.

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