'Stop-no-go' store

The “stop-no-go” store at 5747 Christian St. — Submitted photo

Sen. Anthony H. Williams applauded a recent decision by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to refuse to renew the license of the “stop-n-go” at 5747 Christian St. in the city’s Cobbs Creek neighborhood.

“I commend the PLCB for its commitment to enforcing existing regulations,” Williams said. “Philadelphia residents have long asked for more help from state and local officials in bringing greater accountability to these nuisance establishments and I am proud to be working toward a solution.”

This is the first “stop-n-go” shut down as a result of the senator’s tour in October 2018.

Williams invited PLCB members, elected officials and community advocates to tour so-called “nuisance bars” last year to highlight violations at businesses in his district, which includes parts of Philadelphia and Delaware counties.

Williams said public intoxication, illegal drug activity and disorderly conduct had resulted in numerous complaints to the PLCB, law enforcement and government officials.

The PLCB regulates the distribution of alcoholic beverages throughout Pennsylvania, operates more than 600 wine and spirits stores statewide, and licenses 20,000 alcohol producers, retailers and handlers. Tasked with reducing and preventing dangerous and underage drinking through partnerships with schools, community groups and licensees, the agency is governed by a three-member board whose members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate.

Williams said he has worked with state and local officials to increase enforcement and curb the blatant disregard exhibited by some business owners for the health and safety of local communities.

“All Philadelphians want a robust business community,” he said. “However, we want the business community to be part of the entire community. There must exist a genuine partnership between business owners and their neighbors. When these establishments fail to follow basic regulations, public officials must step in to enforce the laws on the books.”

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