A make believe cascket filled with treats hosted by State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown at Price Funeral Home, 615 N. 43rd St. in West Philadelphia on Friday. — TRIBUNE PHOTO BY NATHANIEL LEE

There were numerous sightings of zombies in West Philadelphia last Friday. No, this wasn’t a zombie apocalypse, it was the “Keep The Kids Off The Street” Halloween gala hosted by State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown at Price Funeral Home, 615 N. 43rd St.

Hundreds of children, along with their parents, attended the event.

Tracy Prioleau attended and said she learned about it through her sister and decided to go and see for herself.

“I think it was very educational for the parents and some good, safe fun for the children,” she said. “I learned some money saving tips on light bulbs and energy saving and got some information and a tote bag.”

The light bulbs were a service of PECO Energy, one of several vendors at the event which provided information about services for the adults.

“I think they should have it every year,” she said.

Price Funeral Home was turned into a haunted house for the occasion with caskets containing ghouls and bags of goodies for the children brave enough to reach in and grab them.

Children and adults alike screeched in fear as one unsuspected group was surprised by a ghoul during a tour through the funeral home.

“It’s great, there are a lot of kids coming in,” said Gladys Jones, a resident of West Philly who attended the event with her daughter, Jasmine.

“You have the guys in the casket, the guy who’s breathing hard; there are a whole lot of things going on. It’s safe and it’s friendly,” said Jones.

“It’s adorable,” said her daughter, who added that she was sleepy after school prior to attending the event but woke up rather quickly once she arrived.

Along with the ghouls and snacks, there was live music and refreshments.

“On Halloween we know that there are a lot of children who are out and knocking on doors. We just wanted to provide a safe environment for the children and in doing that it also gave us an opportunity to reach out to their parents,” said Brown who represents the 189th legislative district covering West Philadelphia.

Brown said that she wanted parents to learn about some of the services provided to them legislatively and to have access to resources and information that would improve their quality of life.

Among some of the information shared with parents during the event was vampire energy, energy which is wasted by appliances that are turned off yet still consume energy while plugged into an outlet.

There was also information about safety, Megan’s Law, tips for parents of uninsured children, bike safety, Day Care and more.

“We wanted every child to participate whether they were in costume or not,” said Brown. who not only provided refreshments but she also prepared chili and pasta.

“I enjoy cooking and that’s just something I like to do to provide for the community,” she said.

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