A rendering from WRT LLC, a design firm working on the renovations, provides a view of the completed project looking along Polett Walk toward Anderson and Gladfelter halls.

— Photography by WRT

A transformational construction project at Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts will mean changes to a busy main campus thoroughfare and bring with it major upgrades to Anderson and Gladfelter halls in fall 2020.

Beginning July 22, Polett Walk, located between 11th and 12th streets, will be closed for construction on Anderson and Gladfelter halls. Pedestrian traffic into campus will be detoured to the walkway between Anderson Hall and the Bell Building, which houses the TECH Center at the North Philadelphia site.

Gladfelter Hall will be accessible for the duration of the project via the Science Education and Research Center on 12th Street.

An existing entrance ramp from 12th Street leading to Anderson Hall, via Polett Walk, will comply until Aug. 9 with requirements of the American With Disabilities Act. 9. After that, a temporary ADA-compliant ramp will provide access through a south entrance between Anderson Hall and the Bell Building.

These will serve as the primary entryways through projected completion of construction in August 2020.

Additional entrances will be created at Anderson Hall and on the east side of Gladfelter Hall as the start of the fall semester approaches. More information will be made available as these entrances are activated.

The construction represents the largest renovation undertaken at Anderson and Gladfelter halls since the opening of the buildings in 1973.

“This project will create a bold new eastern gateway and entry sequence to Temple’s campus, an iconic lobby for the College of Liberal Arts, and a complete reimagining of the Anderson and Gladfelter terrace deck that can be enjoyed by the entire university community and our North Philadelphia neighbors,” said Dozie Ibeh, associate vice president of Temple’s Project Delivery Group.

When completed, the project will have transformed a current courtyard at Anderson Hall into grand lobby to the academic building. Gladfelter Hall’s first floor will serve as the home of CLA’s academic advising center and professional development center.

The terrace level between the two buildings, which has been inaccessible for the last year, will be reopened as an inviting, elevated green space complete with abundant outdoor seating and a stormwater management system. An elevator located outside of Gladfelter Hall will significantly increase the terrace’s accessibility.

Two new staircases will grant street-level access to the terrace level. An outdoor amphitheater, adjacent to the dining and vending space on 12th street, will serve as class and meeting space with unique views of Temple’s iconic Bell Tower.

— Source:

Temple University

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