The Roslyn Boys and Girls Club, Abington Township officials and the Roslyn Business Association hosted the 20th annual Roslyn Fall Festival and Car Show on Saturday.

“It’s fun,” said Ed Micciolo, special projects and operations adviser for the township in Montgomery County.

A native and resident for 47 years, Micciolo is excited the festival and car show has successfully raised funds for the Roslyn Boys and Girls Club.

“Twenty years ago we started with the township and economic development and Matt Lahaza,” he said. “Our first year we started a fall festival. It basically wasn’t in the street. It was mostly in the parking lot. The following year a guy by the name of Rich Green asked, ‘What do you think of having the fall festival partner with a car show?’

“He said the proceeds would go to the Roslyn Boys and Girls Club or something,” Micciolo said. “I said I’m in. So we started the second year, when we started the car show. We’ve been doing it now for 20 years.”

The event is great for entrepreneurs to network and get involved with other businesses, according to beauty vendor Lisa Parker. “I’m excited,” she said.

Parker has lived in Abington for five years and attended the car show to network and see cars.

“This is what we do,” said Anthony Clement, a member of the GQ Ridez car club who has participated in the event for five years. Clement has a 2006 Chevy Corvette and said he spent $85,000 customizing his showpiece.

“I’ve been doing car shows for 10 years,” he said. “We do this. We’ve been doing this a lot of years and it’s a good hobby. You meet people. If you’re into cars you’re never going to see such a variety of cars unless you go to a show. You got old-school, classic Cadillacs and the new generation.”

Abington resident and first-term Congresswoman Madeleine Dean attended.

“What I love about this show are two things — cars, I’m a car nut, and community,” she said. “I love car people because they are so meticulous. I love collectors. The cars are very cool but the bigger thing probably is the community spirit of the fall festival and car show. This is 20 years this has been going on and you can see that it’s sort of community, industry, vendors, fun things for kids, lots and lots of food, police and volunteers all working together.”

Other elected officials were also on hand for the event.

“I’m really pleased to be here on this beautiful day at the Roslyn car show,” said state Rep. Ben Sanchez. “Been here the past several years and each year it seems to get bigger and better. Great way for the Roslyn community and beyond to come together and bring the family out.”

“I love these events because they bring out everybody,” he said. “It’s something for everybody. There’s 3,000 people here now. We expect several thousand throughout the day.”

Kevin Williams, who owns Fast Track Motor Sports in King of Prussia, entered his 1981 Camaro Z28 in the Roslyn show for the first time.

“It’s been through many engine combinations,” he said. “Currently it has a 6.0 LS engine in it. Done all the work myself. It’s a work in progress so far.”

Matthew Burwell, owner of a featured red 1969 Chevelle, said he attends the car show for the “festival part.”

“Been coming to this festival for the last 14 years,” he said. “Of course this is a gathering that the people enjoy — the fellowship with the people and all that. That’s why I show up here.”

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