Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) and PwC recently announced the convening of the PwC-KWHS Seminar for High School Educators on Business and Financial Responsibility.

The all-expenses-paid financial literacy conference for 150 educators will be held Sept. 28–30 on the Philadelphia campus of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

“Our goal in creating this conference is to promote financial literacy, entrepreneurship and leadership among high school students, and to provide educators with lessons and skills for their classrooms,” said Mukul Pandya, executive director and editor-in-chief of Knowledge@Wharton. “We are thrilled to work with PwC to bring this training seminar to life.”

While 13 states mandate personal finance coursework as a graduation requirement, 35 percent of teens don’t know how to write a check, and fewer than one-in-five teachers feels prepared to teach financial literacy, according to studies from Charles Schwab and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The seminar will help fill a major education gap by providing a professional development opportunity for teachers, principals and superintendents to deepen their subject-matter knowledge of several topics.

They include stocks and investing, marketing/branding, leadership and entrepreneurship, negotiation, sustainability and career planning. The seminar also will equip attendees with financial literacy curricula to use in their classrooms. Participants will receive a certificate of completion from Knowledge@Wharton.

“As a leading professional services firm, we have a vested responsibility and commitment to helping bolster the financial competency of today’s youth,” said Shannon Schuyler, PwC’s corporate responsibility leader. “These skill sets are critical to our long-term economic stability and competitiveness. Through this seminar, we hope to equip educators with the tools they need to teach financial literacy to their students.”

Attendance will be limited to 150 educators, including public and private high school teachers, principals, administrators and superintendents. KWHS and PwC are covering event costs, including transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, teaching sessions and conference materials.

Teachers from all states are welcome to apply, including those from the 13 states that require financial literacy curricula as a high school graduation requirement (Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia).

The seminar’s application form is available online. Additional educators interested in accessing live-streaming video of the conference, including classroom sessions, panel presentations and keynote speeches, are encouraged to register online.

Conference attendees will learn from some of Wharton’s most distinguished faculty members and PwC executives. There also will be opportunities for networking with peers and sharing of “best practices.”

The seminar will include a national education panel featuring leaders from Wharton, PwC and other organizations.

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