Boy Scouts plan flapjack fundraiser


Boy Scout Troop 177 will raise monies for their non-profit organization with a special fundraiser in Jenkintown.

The troop operates out of the Grace Lutheran Church of Wyndmoor. The Flapjack Fundraiser Breakfast will take place at the Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 323 Old York Road in Lower Montgomery County, on Sept. 10 from 8 to 10 a.m.

The fundraiser is being billed as “a short stack for a tall cause.” All proceeds from this benefit will go towards the local Boy Scout troop, according to parent Arlene Sampson. 

Flapjack fundraisers are one way area non-profits and faith organizations are raising needed resources. Recently the women of Faith Fellowship Baptist Church hosted their “Flapjack Breakfast” at the Applebee’s Restaurant at 8601 Henry Ave. in Roxborough.  Monies raised are being used to host Women’s Day 2011 activities at the church, which is located at 2101 W. 65th Ave. in West Oak Lane, on Sunday, Sept. 18 at 11 a.m.

“This was something new for this congregation,” said Gerry Sizemore, one of the event coordinators for Faith Fellowship. “The women were eager to host this activity. This was not a women’s only event. It seems to be an event that many churches and organizations are using as a means to fund events.”

Monies from the Sept. 10 event will be used to support the organization that includes some who recently “graduated” from Cub Scout 358. This is the first African-American Boy Scouts of America cub pack in the nation. It was founded under the guidance of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Sr., in 1950. Wright was then pastor of Grace Church and is the father of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.

Some of these former Cub Scout 358 members even marched in President Barack Obama’s inaugural parade in 2009. So, at the “Blue and Gold Banquet” held at Grace Church, 25 W. Johnson St., many best wishes were sent to those who were poised to become Boy Scouts.

Among them was John Bickel, the district executive for section 225 of the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boys Scouts of America. “I have heard some exceptional things about you and your phenomenal performance, and I am so happy to be here and to hear that you are learning the values of this organization,” Bickel said.

Troop 177 meets at the Grace Lutheran Church of Wyndmoor every Monday from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Their scoutmaster is Steve Bauer. Tickets for the Sept. 10 fundraiser are $10. For more information about the troop or for ticket information, contact fundraising coordinator Jean Turner at (215) 927-8101.

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