Cupcakeology carves out sweet niche

Jennifer and Robert Morris Jr. pose with one of their delicious treats. — SUBMITTED PHOTO

Even in a bad economy, many folk look for ways to escape and indulge in things that offer comfort in times of stress.

Cupcakeology, for its array of eclectic and delicious cupcake offerings, has quickly become one of the tri-state area’s delightful dessert destinations.

“Everyone loves cupcakes and love to talk about them,” said owner Jennifer Morris.

The mother of two young children decided to open the business with her husband, Robert Morris Jr., resulting from years of pleasing family and friends with her blissful baked goods.

From the age of 9, Jennifer “moved from the Easy-Bake Oven onto my parent’s conventional oven where I baked pound cakes for the family, neighbors and my aunt’s co-workers. I used to love to make different little desserts for the holidays. I would concoct something new for each holiday.”

When Jennifer earned good grades in school, her dad would reward her with trips to local bakeries. It was during those times her culinary imagination grew, which is reflected in Cupcakeology’s menu.

Among the more than 20 flavors to choose from, some of Cupcakeology’s leading sellers include: Lemon Drop, a light lemon cupcake filled with a lemon curd with lemon butter cream frosting; What’s Up Doc, which features sweet carrots, walnuts, raisins all packed into a cinnamon infused cupcake with a cream cheese frosting; and the Cookie Monster, which boasts Madagascar bourbon vanilla speckled with crushed Oreo cookies with an Oreo cookie and cream frosting.

“Robert came up with most of our unique cupcake flavors,” Jennifer said. “The blueberry velvet cupcake was all his idea.”

As a former bakery manager at Perkins and kitchen manager at Old Country Buffet, Robert’s experience has complimented Jennifer’s baking skills and propelled Cupcakeology into one of the most recognized dessert companies in Delaware County.

Their flagship store is modestly located on the busy Macdade Boulevard in Collingdale, in a space Jennifer terms her “cupcakery.”

With help from Robert Morris Sr., Jennifer and Robert Jr. transformed an office building kitchen into their place of business.

Supported by a strategic and aggressive social media marketing campaign, word of mouth and manning stalls at local farmers markets, the couple steadily increased Cupcakeology’s presence.

“I want to help her succeed,” said Jennifer’s younger sister Ashley Darden. “I’m not into selling something I don’t believe in. I believe in Jennifer and the cupcakes are great, they sell themselves.”

During last month’s opening day at the Lansdowne Farmers Market, Ashley, and their youngest sister Toni, served a steady stream of customers flocking to Cupcakeology’s stall.

“We want to help the business grow,” Toni said as she served a group of excited children waiting in line with their parents. “We are launching our (cupcake) truck in July, just in time for Collingdale's Fourth of July parade where we will be handing out mini cupcakes to the parade on-lookers.”

Cupcakeology baked goods can be found at bakeries in Morton and Boothwyn. For more information, go online to

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