State Rep. Joanna McClinton joined with colleague Rep. Margo Davidson to host the Delaware County Community Day celebration along Church Lane in Yeadon.

Saturday’s weather cooperated as local residents and others from elsewhere in Delaware County turned out to enjoy free refreshments, live performances and visit the numerous information tables of various service providers and agencies.

“It is my pleasure to serve Yeadon as well as Rep. Margo Davidson, so we put our heads and our offices together to have a nice community day where we featured a lot of local talent,” McClinton said.

The festivities were kicked off with a performance by the Evelyne Graves as local performers took the stage throughout the day.

“Most importantly, there are hundreds of neighbors who live right here and came out of their houses and traveled less than a block where they have over 25 resources, so we’re thrilled to be here,” McClinton said.

Not only did residents get opportunities to learn about the availability of services and programs, said McClinton, but they also got reacquainted with their neighbors.

“Even here in Yeadon, we struggle with community. So we have to build that in order to move us forward,” McClinton said.

This is vitally important, agreed Mayor Rohan Hepkins.

“This is absolutely a great event,” he said. “We have a lot of Yeadonites out and it gives us an opportunity as a community to come together, mingle together, get to know our neighbors, get the kids and the family out in family friendly atmosphere.”

Cassandra Graves, assistant pastor of Evelyn Graves Church and assistant direction of Evelyne Drama Productions, said she was very proud of those contributing to the event’s success and turnout.

“Our dancers came out to dance, our singers came out to sing but I see community, I see the whole community, state and local government and I am so impressed with everybody that’s here,” she said.

Graves describes such gatherings as very important because they allow the community to collectively “renew our strength.”

“I see people who I haven’t seen in a long time,” she said. “It brings strength to our community because we don’t fear each other.”

“It relaxes us; it relaxes everything so I’m really appreciative when I see us in an area that is right on Main Street,” Graves added. “This is absolutely wonderful. It strengthens the community.”

Ronald G. Waters agreed that such festivities were good for the community.

“I believe that they give us all a chance to see one another in a fun-filled, hospitable, peaceful activity that is good for the whole family, so I love events like this,” he said. “I think it’s healthy and it’s the right thing to do.”

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