Candidate Ori Feibush paid a visit to Southwest over the weekend for a meet and greet hosted by community advocate Tracey Gordon. PHOTO / TRACEY GORDON

Candidate Ori Feibush paid a visit to Southwest over the weekend for a meet and greet hosted by community advocate Tracey Gordon.

The chicken and waffle meet and greet was held at Gordon’s home in order to publicly announce her support for the candidate and to give residents of Southwest an opportunity to meet Feibush who has announced his run for a seat on City Council as councilman of the 2nd Councilmanic District.

But to do so he must defeat incumbent Kenyatta Johnson. The councilman was contacted for this article and had no comment.

“It was the first of many in which we are having in which we are bringing the candidate to the community to share his vision and plan for the district,” Gordon said.

She hoped to hold meet and greets in Southwest churches, recreation centers and private homes of residents.

“Last night was huge; I had standing room only, and I had people packed from the foyer to the kitchen and up my steps,” Gordon said.

She first became aware of Feibush through the local newspapers.

“There was an article in the paper about how he was cleaning up lots and using his own money and actually cleaning up trash filled lots,” she said. “I like that type of leadership, I like leaders who are hands on and the fact that he was using his own money to do something about them; it’s one thing to complain about something but when you start using your own money to do something about them that says a lot.”

Beautification and quality of life issues has long been a key issue with Gordon who has also ran unsuccessfully for the council seat.

Since that time, Gordon said she has not seen significant improvements in Southwest and believe that would change if Feibush occupied a seat on council to represent the area.

Feibush said he had been traveling throughout the Southwest and Eastwick sections of the city speaking with residents and have been impressed with the turnout and responses from those he met.

“The concerns in Southwest are the same as the concerns in many of these neighborhoods.It’s quality of life, it’s schools, it’s the inability to fund the education our youth are receiving, it’s trash in our streets and the lack of security cameras and street lights,” he said.

Feibush said pulling solutions from the same political sources has not been working and are unlikely to work in the future.

“The specific tools that I am bringing to the table are vastly different than the tools that have been historically used for our city, I’m looking for a much smarter private-public partnership,” he said.

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Historical strides for Cobbs Creek and South Philadelphia sections. The Association of Builders and Contractors and I will endorse Ori on Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday tomorrow by email.

If he been vetted by Tracy Gordon and others from the community and he has a blueprint and strategic plan to rebuild our crumbling neighborhoods, and increase our quality of life for all races then he has overwhelmingly earned my respect and support.

Congratulation Ori, God's Speed.

Nathaniel Minor, President of Association of Builders and Contractors

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