Nearly three-fifths of U.S middle school students believe that math will be important to their future, according to a recent survey conducted by the Raytheon Group. — STATE POINT

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Math may not sound like fun to everyone, but there is fun to be had when learning mathematics. If you can convince kids of that basic principle, getting them to focus in school and do well on their tests will be the easy part. After all some of today’s most downloaded apps involve math — maybe you’ve heard of the popular app, 2048.

Nearly three-fifths of U.S middle school students believe that math will be important to their future, according to a recent survey conducted by the Raytheon Group, however, the same study found that physical education was the overwhelming choice for children’s favorite subject.

With that in mind, here are several ways to jazz up math for your children so they develop an affinity for the subject from an early age:

Personalized Problems

Math touches everything that we do in life, which makes it all the more important to master. Luckily, it also makes it easy to tailor a lesson plan to suit a child’s interests.

You can make math problems less of a problem by substituting the names, places and activities referenced in their homework with things your child cares about.

Is your child on a sports team? Teach him or her how to analyze the statistics that came out of the latest game. Does your child love movies? Make up math problems about the latest box office numbers. The possibilities are endless.

Stylish Tools

Students want to have the freedom to embrace their own sense of personal style. Fortunately, opportunities for self-expression can even be found in math class.

Most portable electronics today come in a variety of colors, so why not calculators too? Take school supplies to the next level with tools like Casio’s new line of scientific and graphing calculators, which come in pink, black, blue, gray and white. Their easy to use, durable calculators offer high-resolution screens, enhanced technological features and icon based menus. More information can be found at

Extra Credit

Make sure your kids know just how important their success in math class is, by rewarding their good grades and extra time spent learning. Some might call it bribery, but you can think of it as positive reinforcement. And remember, extra time spent with math doesn’t have to be boring. To get kids motivated, look for fun supplemental lessons on the Internet as well as computer games that employ math skills.

Some school subjects, for some children, will need a bit of creative packaging to motivate them. Whether your kids struggle with math or are natural whizzes, take steps to make the subject more personal and more fun. — (StatePoint)

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