Pre-Father’s Day Empowerment event

Waverly Alston, Jr., 39, is the event organizer of a Pre-Father's Day Males Only Empowerment Weekend, Friday and Saturday, June 8-9, 2012, at Holy Temple of Deliverance Church, 126 Seymour St.—SUBMITTED PHOTO

African-American men and young males are invited to attend a Pre-Father’s Day Males Only Empowerment Weekend, Friday and Saturday, June 8–9, 2012, at Holy Temple of Deliverance Church, 126 Seymour Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Although this event is targeting African-American males, this event is open to all men, both older men and youth. To register, go to

“The event will consist of several workshops, and lectures — sermons; the aim of the program is to develop a greater focus on the need for Black men to be responsible, and to call for a deeper commitment on the part of men to their communities — (and) to their families,” shared Timothy J. Golden, one of the scheduled presenters. Golden is an associate professor of philosophy and an alumnus of West Chester University. Also, Golden earned his Juris Doctorate at Thurgood Marshall School of Law-Texas Southern University and his Ph.D. at the University of Memphis.

Golden continued, “It promises to be an inspiring event that will reinvigorate and redirect our energies, as Black men, to build and strengthen our families and to move the community forward, I’m looking forward to it.” Golden believes that this is an opportunity for him to share and give to the community what he’s gained as a benefactor of the Black community.

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Another speaker scheduled for this Pre-Father’s Day Male Only Empowerment Weekend is Derrick T. Billups Sr. Billups is president of the Foundation For Financial Fitness, Inc., a non-profit organization that specializes in college funding, student money management strategies and financial services. Commenting about his involvement with the Pre-Father’s Day Males Only Empowerment Weekend, he shared, “I’ve been a financial advisor for 25 years. My focus is on finance and helping empower all people, but mainly African-American families, men and women, on how to focus on financial empowerment and doing the things that they need to do,” regarding life insurance, investments, college funding, retirement planning, to personal money management.

Billups is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, an international fraternal organization of men bound together by friendship, knowledge, brotherhood and community service. Men of Omega Psi Phi promote and participate in high quality community service endeavors that assist in the building of character and leadership development among men. Billups has been a member of Omega Psi Phi since 1978.

Billups was raised in a single-parent home by his mother. He knows what it’s like having an absentee father, so he strongly believes in older males getting involved in the lives of younger males, especially those that may not have their father present in their life.

Waverly Alston Jr., 39, is the event organizer, offered the following overview of the weekend, “Friday night, we’re showing the movie ‘Courageous’, the movie really impacted my life, it was reflective of some things that are lost in our society now — men coming together being honest with themselves, and honest with each other, about what they can do to be more accountable to move forward in life. What better way to help and empower other men to make better decisions in life, it’s a part of my calling in ministry” said Alston.

Alston has scheduled a prayer breakfast for Saturday, 8 a.m.–2 p.m., to be followed by a variety of empowering workshops: “It’s going to be loaded with seminars,” with themes with empowering themes that will address finance, employment, maleness to manhood, Black men and politics and other impactful topics.

Alston is an in-demand musician/choir director and the founder of a sacred jazz musical group called Waverly Alston – In The Company of Friends. He performs a hugely popular city concert every December in celebration of Christmas. A native Philadelphian, Alston’s earliest musical influences came from hip-hop music, which eventually led him to appreciate the sound of jazz and gospel music. During his college years, Alston focused on combining jazz and gospel music to produce a sound he calls “sacred jazz” — a wondrous blend of the two musical genres.

Rev. Dominique Joachim Sr., pastor and founder of Holy Temple of Deliverance Church, is hosting the event at his Germantown church location, and he’s a scheduled workshop presenter. His workshop is entitled, “No More Excuses — we are full of excuses, and excuses become a hindrance in our way to becoming, being what we’re suppose to be,” said Joachim. Responsibility and determination are the two major virtues that he’d like participants in the Pre-Father’s Day Male Only Empowerment Weekend to walk away with. Joachim said that men, “…run from responsibility because we have no determination. We want immediate-made success, or microwave success. To be successful in anything we do, you have to have determination, to stay at it.”

Joachim believes a lack of knowledge has cause the downfall of many men and young men in the community. He’s confident that the Pre-Father’s Day Male Only Empowerment Weekend event will provide a wealth of practical information to empower participants to become more successful.

All men planning to attend are strongly urged to call to register for the Pre-Father’s Day Males Only Empowerment Weekend. There’s no registration fee for the event, but registration is needed to accommodate the headcount for the breakfast on Saturday, June 9; to register, log online to: For more information about the event, call the church: 215-951-9440.

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