New Generation Church installs new pastor

Bishop Darryl Rouse Sr. is the new pastor of New Generation Church of Christ Disciples of Christ, Inc. — TRIBUNE PHOTO BY NATHANIEL LEE

Members of New Generation Church of Christ Disciples of Christ, Inc. installed Bishop Darryl Rouse Sr. as pastor during a ceremony on May 24 at 1423 N. Bouvier St.

Many members and visitors congratulated the First family and offered prayer during the ceremony.

“He [Rouse] was elected by the members in January and, as of today, will officially be the pastor of this great church,” said First lady Eldress Patricia Rouse.

Eldress Rouse said her husband has taught classes at the church for a number of years prior to the election and it was during this time that a friendship developed between himself and the late Pastor Ida M. Perry whom he met at a retreat.

“As a result of that friendship and that relationship, she actually saw him as taking her place. She actually selected him to be pastor long before he knew he was selected,” she said.

Perry founded the church, which had its first worship service on Sept. 3, 1973 at 3400 Germantown Ave. The church relocated several times before finally establishing its home on Bouvier Street.

Rouse said her husband is a man of honor and integrity.

“He is a man who is very prayerful and he is a pastor at heart. Their might be pastors who are anointed, but this is a man who is anointed to preach and to pastor,” she said.

It was these qualities she believed Perry recognized in Bishop Rouse.

Geraldine Patricia Henderson, daughter of Perry, had been a member of New Generation since its inception and remembered the church’s relocation several times prior to finding its present home.

“The pastors vision was of a new generation, referring to the children of Israel coming out of the wilderness,” said Henderson. At one time, she said the church had a significant membership.

“What she did was bring in a lot of people, dress as you are, come as you are, and they were built up, nourished and loves. We had many members over the years but they outgrew us and left,” she said.

It was through the invitation of Henderson that Minister Nancy Carter first paid the church a visit some 38 years ago. Carter has been there every since.

“The love, it’s [the] love among them,” said Carter when asked what kept her at he church for 38 years.

This love, said Carter, is manifested in the pastor who travels from Baltimore, Md. to minister to the church. According to Carter, the pastor is present at the church for service regardless of weather conditions.

“Anyone who travels from Baltimore and continue to teach us God’s Word, that’s love,” said Carter.

According to Rouse, after Perry’s passing a meeting of church members was held to elect a new pastor and the vote for him was unanimous.

“I was rather surprised by that because there is always someone who says that they want someone else but in this case the vote was unanimous and we thank God for that,” said Rouse.

Rouse says that Pastor Perry did a wonderful job and the members are well trained in The Word and work well together.

“We are only continuing the work that was already started. We stepped in and nothing has changed, we’re moving forward and the vision that Elder Perry had we want to continue,” said Rouse.

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