Germantown Christian Assembly consecrates Brian H. Grant

The Rev. Brian Grant, left, takes a picture with his family at Germantown Christian Assembly on Sunday. Next to him is his wife, Cheryl, his son Nicolas, his daughter Lauren, and his father-in-law the Rev. Charles Hart. — TRIBUNE PHOTO BY ROBERT MENDELSOHN

Germantown Christian Assembly (GCA) drew a full house for its 41st Anniversary and New Pastor Consecration. The event was held in its sanctuary located at 610 E. Mount Pleasant Ave. in Mount Airy, on Sunday, June 22. It was there that now pastor emeritus the Rev. Charles I. Hart installed Brian H. Grant as the church’s new spiritual shepherd.

The consecration program began at 12:15 p.m. with Hart serving as moderator. Brother Jim McConnell introduced Grant and his wife. He said that he hoped that GCA will serve as a “scriptural model” for the community and that Grant would be the leader who assists the church in moving forward.

After the congregation sang “O to Be like Thee,” Pastor Tom A. Troutt Sr. gave remarks during the Charge to the Couple. He said that Grant had many of the attributes the church needed in a parish. He shared an anecdote where Grant was so concerned about GCA he was brought to emotional tears. Troutt drew spontaneous applause when he said, “You have made a phenomenal choice.”

“This is a spiritual work,” Troutt said. “Most of the things that happen will happen in the unseen realm. There are things that [happen] in the natural realm, but know that this is a spiritual work.” He then drew from a passage in the biblical book of Zechariah, as Troutt gave Grant his charges as GCA pastor.

To Cheryl Grant, it was noted that she should serve in the capacity outlined in Titus 2. She should also exemplify the Proverbs 31 woman. The congregation gave a hearty, “Amen,” as the charges concluded.

Brother Herb Dean then delivered the commitment. This segment required that the new pastor and first lady respond affirmatively to the various vows. These included submission to the congregation elders and the governing body, and the first lady supporting her husband in his position as pastor.

Then Brother Leroy Jackson and Pastor James G. Murray Jr. led the congregation in the “Laying on of Hands” ceremony. More than a dozen ministers from various churches entered the sanctuary to pray over the couple. Pastor Grant then laid out his new GCA Vision.

Brother Roger Walton delivered the closing prayer. The program then culminated with Hart passing the torch to Grant and the Voices of Praise choir singing “This is Your House.”

Grant has been an active member of GCA for more than a decade. He is president and founder of Premier Financial Group. Before founding Premier, he was the principal officer of the Madison, Wis.-based Jamaica for Cuna Mutual Insurance Society. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and management from the University of the West Indies and a Master of Science degree in financial services from American College. The new pastor’s family also consists of three children, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

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