Let me not be the one who says this spiritual thing is easy. Staying focused spiritually is difficult in a world hell-bent on taking you out. I mean we live in a world where the evil one is supposed to have some power. Christ even calls the devil the prince of this world in John 12 and 14. This would suggest that evil has some hopefully limited power to function and act against the children of God in this realm.

Now I know we are in a fixed fight and the outcome is already known. Christ defeated the devil via his death on the cross and his resurrection soon thereafter. My point here is that sometimes we can lose sight of the victory which is certainly ours when, as they say, all hell is breaking loose around us.

Personally I am challenged when the world becomes such an enticing place that seems to leave no room for meditation, prayer, worship and simple appreciation of the many blessings that are showered upon me by him who loves me like no other. One of the things I have come to appreciate about this walk of mine is that the Lord has shown me those areas of my life where I’m the most vulnerable to attack. Rather than run from or deny them, I know I have to embrace them in order to fully understand and overcome them. It’s sort of like knowing what you’re praying for. I cannot claim ignorance of that which I know so well could destroy me. I have to acknowledge that when I’m confused, tempted or just plain lost, I have to make a deliberate effort to reconnect to the body of Christ. I mean, one of the reasons I stayed out of church was because I felt it was full of hypocrites, to say the least, from the pulpit on down to the pews. There was no need for me to gather at the church house, or so I thought. The irony is the devil defeated me by giving me the ammunition I needed to think I was out of God’s eyesight. The trick of the devil had me thinking I had all the answers for my own salvation and therefore did not need the guidance of anyone else.

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Fortunately, as I have stated on many occasions, the fight is fixed. All God did one day was have me stumble into church one Sunday after a multi-year sabbatical. The preacher confirmed in my spirit the idiocy of thinking there was or ought to be a perfect church and a perfect congregation. His point was we’ve got to stay connected, i.e. Holy Spirit connected. Christ said the Holy Spirit would remind us of everything He said and did and clarify their meaning to us. So now when I’m stumbling I know I’ve got to consciously and with heaven aforethought, seek first the kingdom. It sounds simple. But when you have a prince plotting your assassination, it’s easy to stray. The devil is a liar, and you are his prize. Remember he knows how much you mean to your father. He’ll do anything to you to hurt the one who created and loves you. So remember this. Whatever your weakness is, name it and claim it in the name of the Lord. I promise you, he will do the rest.

May God bless and keep you always.

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