Ray J offers tips on keeping men faithful


For years, multi-platinum performer Ray J was an infamous celebrity playboy. Relationship after relationship came to a well-publicized end because Ray wouldn’t stay away from the Hollywood hotties. His cheating ways spawned two hit TV series but made Ray J miserable.

Now, to turn over a new leaf, he wants to learn why men cheat. So he turns to relationship expert Maxwell Billieon. In “Death Of The Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray” (Simon and Schuster, $24), Billieon shows Ray J how to change his ways.

“I’m happy that Maxwell Billieon was able to encourage me through this process,” said Ray. “When you first see the book, you don't really know how it's going to be laid out. But once you start to read it and understand it, you realize that we wrote it kind of like a case study; it’s a journey that I’m on.”

A former cheater himself, Billieon has taught thousands of men to stop cheating. He reveals that the reason many men cheat is that they are born conquerors who need to be taught how not to cheat. In this fun, informative book, the two men reveal myths about why men cheat and what goes on in a cheater’s mind. As he teaches Ray J to overcome his addiction to infidelity, Billieon teaches women how to spot a cheater, how some women enable cheating and how to keep a man faithful.

“I felt it was good for me to put out a book like this because it will help other young people read, and this book is a great read, but it has a lot of substance behind it,” said Ray. “Right now, I’m going through a growth process in my life, and I felt like in order for me to take this process to the next level, I had to reflect on things that I have been through in my past and in my relationships.”

Deceitfulness is causing the demise of the human family, Billieon cautions, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As Ray J (and the reader) learns the Six Virtues of the New Man, he finds out how both sexes can evolve beyond cheating and find fulfillment in faithfulness.

“See, some people think I’m a lot younger than I am,” explained Ray. “For me, turning 31, I mean just going into my 30s, things start to hit you different. You start to surround yourself with different people, at least I have, more positive people. I’ve been through a lot last year, at least in my life, with some of the mistakes that I’ve made. My grandma getting sick, and me just kind of shutting down and spending time with her and looking at life in a whole different way after that. So I think certain things that happened to me in my personal life have got me here to make new adjustments and move forward in a positive way.”

Ray J, whose sister is singer Brandy, became a household name as his public relationships with a bevy of beautiful Hollywood starlets made pop culture headlines all over the world. As a cheater, his playboy persona spawned the hit television shows, “For the Love of Ray J” and the spin-off, “Brandy & Ray J — A Family Business” on VH1, adjoining his string of hit albums “Raydiation” and “All I Feel.” Ray J has appeared on “Jay Leno,” “Regis & Kelly,” “Good Morning America,” “George Lopez,” “Wendy Williams” and a host of other top shows, and is one of the Web’s top trending personalities worldwide.

“I love producing shows,” said Ray. “I had a great time creating and executive producing ‘Family Business,’ but I won’t do anymore dating shows to that extent. I mean, we had some of the highest ratings on VH1, we had fun, but I feel like we’ve done that, so I don’t want to go backwards in my life. If I do do reality, it would be something catering around where I am in my life now. For me, I’ve always been on the forefront of my business, but the bad boy character I have I more so saturated that and put that out there more than me as an executive producer of my TV shows or creating my shows, or putting out all of my albums independently on my own label or showcasing the business side; it was more so all about the fun. But it’s a new day and time for change. God is good. God is working with me. I’m under construction, but I’m still living my life and I’m still having fun, just in a whole different light.”


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