The latest recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns against gathering for 10 people or more for the next eight weeks, in an effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

That recommendation means schools, libraries, places of worship, stores, cultural institutions and gyms have also shut down for at least the next few weeks.

S. Scorpio Vance, owner of Scorpion Athletics Yoga and Fitness says that during this period of isolation, is the perfect time to add exercise or to maintain your fitness your routine.

“During times like these, it’s more about the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of working out. As human beings, it’s important to maintain your momentum, along with consistency, even during downtime like this. This is actually a good time for you to gain some momentum as opposed to losing it,” Vance says.

Vance says working out while quarantined doesn’t have to be anything fancy and you probably have what you need to get started already on hand.

“There are some basic calisthenic exercises that everyone can perform. They should all be following up with a stretching routine of some type. You can do basic wall sits, push-ups, stationary lunges, jumping jacks or try walking up and down the stairs. You can make use of what you have at home, for example, water bottles for bicep curls, and tricep extensions or pack a sack of potatoes to use for weight-bearing exercises. There’s really no need to go out and spend any additional funds. You could basically use what you have around your home,” Vance says.

If you’re someone that’s used to going to the gym for group exercise classes, Vance has a few suggestions to help you keep your routine.

“There are definitely some online classes that are available. One of the gyms that I am associated with is actually doing online classes through Facebook and or some of the other virtual platforms. Myself, along with other instructors, are doing virtual classes. We are setting up areas in our homes or somewhere close to the facility and we’re taking the class, showing some moves, making suggestions and even using some of the individuals that we are “quarantined” with to help simulate the class structure,” says the West Oak Lane native.

While people seem happy with accommodations the instructors are making by putting classes online while quarantined, Vance says that he’s sure people will be back in the gym as soon as they can.

“There’s a personal aspect involved with personal training. There will always be a need for that physical contact. There are platforms right now available in every aspect of fitness. So if there was going to be an elimination of the physical touch of having the trainer and or going to the gym, it would be done already. There’s a social aspect that cannot be duplicated. Right now at this point, the personal training industry is a billion-dollar industry because people show up every single morning every single day,” he says.

When you are stuck in the house for an extended amount of time, there’s only so much TV watching or web surfing you can do before you become stir crazy.

“There are people right now, at this point, being forced to fall in love with exercise because they don’t have the ability to go to work or school, or interact with friends where they normally do, and it only takes two to three weeks to form a habit of some sort in any situation. However, in this situation, because it’s so intense, my daughter and son will be missing about 21 days of school. My daughter is a track athlete, she’s a lacrosse athlete, and she’s had more consistency now than when she was in school because she has eight hours to get it done,” says the trainer.

Vance says once your body gets used to movement, it will be harder to go back to being sedentary.

“I’m looking for an upswing as far as commitment and exercises because so many people don’t have anything else to do and they’re going to fall in love with it. They’re going to see those benefits, they will clean out those kitchen cabinets. They’re going to dust off those old sneakers, bring those bikes out, start making telephone calls and having walking dates. I mean, I think it’s gonna be phenomenal. Once all of this has been handled properly,” he says.

Vance says that we need to take a more holistic approach when it comes to fitness, especially in times like these.

“We need to, as a society understand how important it is to exercise every aspect of what is considered your fitness. So we should be meditating more, we should be stretching more, we should be paying closer attention to our nutritional needs, along with the physical aspect of exercise,” he says.

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