When is Philly Free Streets?

Saturday, Aug. 3 (8 a.m.- 1 p.m.)

Where is Philly Free Streets?

Refer to the Philly Free Streets route on the home page. There is no formal start or stop.

Do I need to buy a ticket?

No! Philly Free Streets is free.

Which direction does Philly Free Streets traffic flow?

At Philly Free Streets, traffic flows both ways, much like a traditional street. We ask that fast traffic keep to the left, and that riders pass on the left.

At Philly Free Streets, there’s no start or end point, and no “right” place to join the route. All you need to do is pick your starting point, choose a direction, and join in on the fun!

Is Philly Free Streets accessible to those with disabilities?

Yes! Participants with mobility limitations are welcome to use motorized wheelchairs, scooters, pedal-assist bikes, and adaptive bicycles.

Is Philly Free Streets stroller-friendly?

Yes! Philly Free Streets is for everyone, especially children and families.

Can I use an electric or motorized bike or four-wheeler, scooter, or hoverboard on the route?

Philly Free Streets is open to all forms of people-powered, non-motorized transport. People may not use motorized gas bikes, four-wheelers, powered scooters, powered skateboards, or powered hoverboards.

If you require a pedal-assist bike due to a medical issue, you are welcome to ride that at Philly Free Streets.

Electric bikes and electric, pedal-assist bikes are permitted at Free Streets with the understanding that they are ridden responsibly and safely along the route with consideration to all cyclists, pedestrians, and Free Streets participants. It is encouraged that cyclists turn off any electric assistance unless necessary when riding and limit speed to 15 mph.

Are there bathrooms along the route?

Yes. There are portable toilets, including ADA accessible ones.

Can I set up a table or tent along the route?

Philly Free Streets is different from a block party or a festival. No stationary objects are allowed in the street itself.

What items are prohibited at Philly Free Streets?

The following are not permitted at Philly Free Streets: Motorized transportation (except for electric bikes that are ridden responsibly and safely) unauthorized solicitation, alcoholic beverages, narcotics or illegal drugs, bathing in pools or fountains, damage to property, feeding animals, firecrackers or explosives, firearms, fires, littering (including pet waste), public intoxication, unauthorized driving or parking, unauthorized vending, unleashed animals, and weapons.

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This is great news taking place in Philadelphia!

Thanks to the organizers!

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