Rashad is a bright 17-year-old boy who describes himself as polite, caring, and cool. His hobbies include playing video games (especially Minecraft), reading, and exploring YouTube. Rashad loves having fun with friends, so he ventures to amusement parks and arcades whenever he can.

Tremendously intelligent, Rashad is proud of making honor roll with almost all A’s during his recent school year. Rashad earned a 100 in science, his favorite subject, and a 98 in math, his least favorite, showing that determination and finely-honed study habits can lead to success. When he gets older, he aspires to be a parasitologist or pathologist so his skills in science will be put to excellent use.

Rashad wants more than anything to find his forever home and get the love that he deserves from a family. He hopes to remember his childhood alongside a family who will leave a huge imprint on his heart. Rashad enjoys having deep conversations, so he would appreciate a family that is open and honest.

Family composition doesn’t matter as much as the love and care a family can give. He can fit into a family with 1 or 2 parents, and he wouldn’t mind having siblings or being an only child. If you ask him, his only requirement is that the whole family is willing to share their love, kindness, and compassion, and Rashad is committed to giving the same.

For more information about Jackson, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or 267-443-1872. The Adoption Center is turning 50, and we’re kicking off the celebration with a virtual race. Join us in a collective effort to walk, run, bike, or otherwise get moving to bring awareness and funding for children in foster care ready to find their forever families. Go to bit.ly/AdoptCtr50 for more information.

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