Introducing Jaden, a 10-year-old with a great smile and a fun personality. He laughs often and is known for joking around. He may be quiet when you first meet him, but once he knows you a bit better, Jaden will be talkative and will make you laugh!

Besides his comedic talent, Jaden is also a great visual artist. He loves to color, and has shown great skill in drawing with perspective and dimension. He also has a talent for building; he enjoys building in the real world with Lego bricks or virtually in simulation video games. For a change of pace, Jaden also likes to go to the park and ride his scooter.

Jaden is competitive and enjoys playing games with adults and children. He enjoyed being on a golf team and has recently learned that he likes to swim, and he enjoys participating in soccer. Jaden would like to be part of a family who would support him in his preferred activities, have structure, and encourage his skills and interests. Jaden does well with individual attention and enjoys spending time with the important adults in his life. Jaden is open to a two-parent or single-parent home, and he’d like to be the youngest or only child in the home. He seeks a nurturing family who provide clear rules, boundaries, and guidance.

For more information about Jaden, and other youth ready for their permanent homes, contact us at or 267-443-1872. Celebrating its 50th year the Adoption Center is a private, non-profit organization that creates permanent environments for children in foster care through public awareness, advocacy, family-finding, and well-organized adoption match events to spark and sustain the strongest placements. Learn more at

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