Tuesday's Child: Erika

Erika is resilient and easily adapts to any situation she finds herself in. —CHRIS THORPE PHOTO

Erika is a vibrant 14-year-old who enjoys spending time with her peers but who also values her quiet time.

Intelligent, independent, and strong-willed are words frequently used to describe Erika. Very sociable, she has many friends.

Although she is easy-going, she does not hesitate to advocate for herself and her needs. Erika is resilient and easily adapts to any situation she finds herself in.

Among her favorite pastimes are arts and crafts, basketball, and origami. She does well at problems, which is perhaps one reason why she is so good at playing chess and other strategic board games. Erika also likes animals and enjoys taking care of them.

Erika loves to dance and delights in creating her own choreography. She is a natural born leader, so she can even instruct new routines she creates to others.

Erika is ready for her forever family and would bring happiness, loyalty, love, and affection to a family. She has the potential to be successful and reach her personal goals, but she cannot do this alone. She would thrive in a home with a patient, caring family that can give her the care and attention she deserves. Erika is close to her siblings and it is important that they remain in contact.

For more information about Erika, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or 267-443-1872. For information about adoption, visit www.adopt.org and listen to the Adoption Center’s podcast at messy.fm/acpodcast.

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