Lanece is a sweet and funny 15-year-old girl who is quick to greet everyone with a smile. Even though she might be shy at first, she quickly becomes comfortable. She would never hesitate to help someone in need and one of her wishes is to be remembered as a helpful person. Lanece would like a family who shows her the same love and support that she naturally extends to others.

An avid reader, Lanece enjoys going to school and learning. She is intelligent and enjoys using technology. In fact, she hopes to study business and technology in college so that she can pursue a career in the tech field. Apart from school, her favorite hobbies include listening to music (especially R&B and hip-hop), dancing, baking and drawing.

Lanece is eager to find her forever family. She wouldn’t mind 1 or 2 parents, but she would especially cherish a mother (or 2). A cat lover, she would be thrilled to help care for a cat. Above all else, Lanece would benefit from a family who is patient, resourceful, and can guide her into adulthood.

Lanece values quality time, and she longs to be a part of a family that enjoys spending lots of time together through family dinners and travelling. A very determined and bright girl, Lanece will bring energy, compassion, and laughs to any home.

For more information about Lanece, contact the Adoption Center at or 267-443-1872. The Adoption Center is a private, non-profit organization that creates permanent environments for children in foster care through public awareness, advocacy, family-finding, and well-organized adoption events to spark and sustain the strongest placements.

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