Tuesday's Child: Ja’Kiyah


Ja’Kiyah is as perky and friendly as she looks. Her three wishes are to have a big party with all of her friends, spend an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese’s, playing games and eating pizza, and learning how to cook. But topping the list is having a family that would love her forever and let her have continued contact with her sister.

She has never had a pet, but loves animals, so a home with a cat or dog that she could care for would be ideal.

An energetic family would be a good match for this 8-year-old who loves to have fun and is full of laughs. She enjoys riding her bike and dancing, and is proud to be a member of her school’s cheerleading team, especially showing off her back flips.

In school, her favorite subjects are reading and math, and she is proud of all of the books she can read. A curious child, she wants to learn as much as she can about everything, asks many questions and looks forward to visiting the library often. So it is not surprising that her teachers are enthusiastic about working with her and that she has many friends. “Her smile can brighten up a whole room,” says her social worker.

An ideal day for Ja’Kiyah would be spent riding her bike in the park, laughing a lot and having fun.

Then she would help cook dinner for herself and her family.

When she grows up, she envisions being a firefighter or a police officer.

Ja’Kiyah is one of many children who wait and hope to be adopted. For information, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or call (267) 443-1872. Visit the Adoption Center at www.adopt.org.

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