Tuesday's Child: Elijah


Elijah is a sweet and outgoing child with many passions. An impressive football player, he is not shy about his skills on the field.

“I’m faster than everybody,” he says with pride.

Apart from playing, he’ll engage others about football players, teams, and stats. Elijah says he hopes to one day play for an official team.

It’s not hard for Elijah to connect with others. He can remember the little things about a person that others may overlook or take for granted. He’ll make sure to ask you about them the next time he sees you.

Elijah is also passionate about the world of superheroes. He’ll often ask “who do you think is better,” in terms of his favorite heroes. There is no wrong answer in his eyes, but Elijah enjoys sharing his opinions on the matter and looks forward to listening to others. This makes Elijah open to new ideas as he appreciates exploring the thoughts and beliefs of those around him.

Elijah yearns to have his forever family. His social worker says he would bring love, joy, and laughter to any family. He would flourish in a home where he would receive support, unconditional love, and consistency. An animal lover, he would be happy if there is a dog or a cat in the home.

Elijah would do best in a family with a strong and active male role model who he could look up to for guidance. He also works well with other children, especially peers his own age. Elijah has a close relationship with his two brothers and would thrive with continued communication with them.

For more information about Elijah, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or (267) 443-1872. For information about adoption, visit www.adopt.org and listen to the Adoption Center’s podcast at messy.fm/acpodcast.

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