Tuesday’s Child: Ma’Lonnie, 15,

Ma’Lonnie, 15, is a deep thinker and constantly questions the world around her.

—Submitted photo

Ma’Lonnie is a creative and expressive 15-year-old girl who brings uniqueness and beauty to everything she does. Whether she’s drawing or applying makeup, her artistic talents are evident and impressive. Ma’Lonnie is even skilled in drawing freehand.

Apart from her artistic endeavors, Ma’Lonnie also has a passion for food. It’s not unusual to find her in the kitchen, assisting her foster parent with whatever meal is on the menu. If she’s not cooking at home, Ma’Lonnie looks forward to visiting her favorite hibachi restaurant as a treat. Unlike some children, she takes pleasure in eating healthy, and she’ll eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as she can get her hands on.

Ma’Lonnie is a free spirit and can be an excellent advocate for herself. She isn’t afraid to talk about what’s on her mind or what she needs to thrive.

Ma’Lonnie is a deep thinker and constantly questions the world around her. When asked what she aspires to do, she passionately expresses how she is interested in human anatomy. Learning about how the body works and heals is fascinating to her, and she wouldn’t mind becoming an anatomy teacher when she gets older.

Ma’Lonnie says she yearns for a family who accepts her uniqueness and individuality. She says she hopes to join a family who spends quality time together — whether it’s going shopping or taking road trips on the weekends.

She appreciates the traditions of celebrating various holidays, especially Halloween, and looks forward to doing so with her future, laidback dad (or dads) someday.

For more information about Ma’Lonnie, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or (267) 443-1872. The Adoption Center is a private, non-profit organization that creates permanent environments for children in foster care through public awareness, advocacy, family-finding, and well-organized adoption match events to spark and sustain the strongest placements. Learn more at www.adopt.org.

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