Tuesday's Child: Zakir


Zakir’s sister has been adopted, and he wants the same thing — to be adopted into a loving family that will make him feel special.

This friendly 10-year-old has so much to give — spirited, interesting conversation, a love of the outdoors and enthusiasm about his favorite subjects in school — math and science … and a million-dollar smile.

Zakir is excited about sports — especially soccer. A prized possession is his soccer ball. It is not surprising that his favorite wishes are to be a wrestler, a basketball player or a football champion.

Many people associate adoption with younger children including toddlers and babies. But Zakir is one of a growing group of older children, even teenagers, who yearn for and deserve a family. It is a time of life when guidance and nurturing can make all the difference in the way a child approaches adolescence and matures into adulthood.

What does it take to adopt? Most important is the desire to give a child a caring home and the stability and love every child needs as he grows up. You do not have to have a specific income or own your own home. Zakir’s adoption would be virtually free, as is true of other children in the foster care system, as he is eligible for financial subsidy to help with the cost of raising him. He would probably benefit from being the youngest child in his new home.

Those who adopt older children say that they wish they had known sooner about the satisfaction and joy they would experience from helping to shape a young person’s future.

For more information about Zakir or other children, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or (267) 443-1872. Visit the Adoption Center website www.adopt.org and meet the children.

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