Tuesday's Child: Grace


Grace is a creative, funny 14-year-old who dazzles everyone she meets with her eclectic interests in drawing, track, writing and African dance.

She hopes to join a track team, run a marathon and perhaps play basketball. Her social worker says “she is one of the most creative kids I know.

The first time I took her on an outing, she brought a notebook with her and while we waited for our food, she wrote an entire story.” Grace likes to create characters based on movies she has seen, and expresses her feelings through writing. Her personal experiences, too, show up vividly in what she writes.

Intelligent and motivated, Grace is an enthusiastic student who enjoys language arts, science and Spanish, which she hopes to use when she visits the Dominican Republic one day. She is fascinated by the culture and loves the beautiful beaches she has seen in photographs. For now, her perfect day might be spending time with her brother and sister, maybe playing on a trampoline. On a recent visit to Six Flags, Grace tackled all of the roller coasters, even the ones that at first seemed “big and scary.”

An enviable quality is the empathy she shows toward others, and while she is unsure of a future career, she knows she wants to advocate for others and help them live better lives.

Grace hopes for a family to adopt her and sees it as a new start for herself. “She would do best with parents who would give her structure and consistency,” says her social worker, and one that would participate in activities with her—going to the movies, which she loves, and going shopping. She wants to cook and be part of a family setting. It is important that she continues to communicate with her siblings.

For more information about Grace or other children waiting to be adopted, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or (267) 443-1872. Visit the Adoption Center website at www.adopt.org and Meet the Children.

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