Tuesday's Child: Chaheem


Give him a box of crayons, colored pencils and drawing paper, and Chaheem’s imagination will take him from there. He delights in drawing action figures, then creating a story around them that eventually turns into a book that he will describe enthusiastically. Building with Legos, (sometimes a home) is another absorbing pastime.

In school, this 13-year-old’s favorite subject is math. On weekends, you might find him skateboarding or playing basketball. Indoors, he is often creating video game content.

His career goal is to become a video game creator or editor.

Affectionate and friendly, Chaheem is eager to be part of a family and says he dreams of having parents and maybe brothers and sisters … even a pet or two.

There are more than 100,000 children in this country’s foster care system, about 1,600 in the Delaware Valley, who wait to be adopted. Nearly a quarter of them “age out” at 18 without a permanent family. Chaheem doesn’t want to be one of them. He wants a family to love him unconditionally and help him realize his potential.

For more information about Chaheem or other children who are available for adoption, contact Sarah Marino smarino@adopt.org or (267) 443-1872. Visit the Adoption Center website www.adopt.org.

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