Tuesday's Child: Sammy


Sammy may be 18, but he still deserves and wants the love and support of a family. He very much wants to be adopted, and will need a family that is understanding, loving and supportive of him. He is hoping for an active, patient and attentive family who will welcome him and encourage him to reach his full potential. No dogs please, as Sammy has a longstanding fear of them.

Sammy is a friendly and affectionate teen who enjoys being helpful in the classroom, as when he helps his gym teacher clean and put items away. He especially loves basketball and has played on the special needs basketball team all through school. He also likes taking walks in parks and other activities that take him outside.

A puzzle master, Sammy enjoys the challenge of jigsaw puzzles. The thing you can really get him to open up about is the Star Wars movie franchise. He loves the movies and likes reenacting scenes from them. It would be a dream for him to see Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney.

Sammy has a strong bond with his siblings and it is desired that a family would be committed to preserving his sibling bonds.

Contrary to popular belief, adoptive families do not need to have a specific income and they do not have to own their own homes. This kind of adoption is virtually free and many of the children, including Sammy, are eligible for financial subsidy.

For more information about or other children available for adoption, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or (267) 443-1872. Visit the Adoption Center website www.adopt.org.

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