Joshua is a kind and gentle 17 year-old boy who loves all things science. He is very passionate about dinosaurs and marine life. In fact, Joshua would jump at the opportunity to spend time at an aquarium, learning about the sea creatures that live there and watching them swim.

It’s no surprise that Joshua’s favorite way to unwind is by watching the underwater antics of “Spongebob Squarepants”; he can quote full episodes, down to the episode number and title. He also enjoys drawing, listening to music and helping in the kitchen. He is quick to offer his assistance when it comes to cooking and he especially loves to indulge in the meals afterwards – fried chicken is his favorite food.

Joshua does well in school as he appreciates learning new things. Besides science, his favorite class is Art where he can express his creative side. One of Joshua’s recruiters noted that his mind works in unique ways and he can thrive in a classroom setting when he receives encouragement and support from his teachers or caregivers.

Joshua deserves the guidance and unconditional love of a family. He would do best in a home that can provide structure and affection, while helping him learn every day tasks and life skills. Family time is important to Joshua, so a family that spends quality time together is ideal. Joshua would flourish in a home that can nurture him and allow him the patience and space to grow into adulthood.

For more information about Joshua, contact Sarah Marino at or 267-443-1872. May is National Foster Care Month, a time to raise awareness for the 10,000 children in foster care who are looking for their forever families in the region. To learn how you can do your part this month, email or visit

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