Tuesday's Child: James


Eighteen-year-old James would have loved to have a family with whom he could celebrate the holidays coming up this month. That’s not going to happen, but James hasn’t given up. He’s still hoping that someone will read this story and recognize that even at 18, maybe especially at 18, a family could enjoy having him as part of it and make a difference in the way he grows up.

Even though he does not communicate verbally, James conveys warmth and affection to everyone he knows, and brightens a room when he walks in. Through a combination of sign language and hand gestures — pointing, reaching, touching — this good-natured teenager with a sweet, outgoing personality makes those around him smile.

James is a quick learner and is now identifying colors, days of the week, shapes and the seasons.

He’s gaining competence in daily living skills and is proud of his accomplishments. He can unpack the groceries, load the dishwasher and clear the table, and would love to do those tasks for his family.

Outdoors, he loves going to the park, especially if there is a playground with swings. Arcades are high on his entertainment list.

“James needs a family that is supportive, understanding, compassionate and willing to give him the special attention he needs to reach his potential,” says his social worker. “Watching him smile and giggle as he gains skills will bring joy to anyone who adopts him.”

James is one of 1,600 children in this area who waits and hopes that a family will give them a chance. For information, contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or call (267)-443-1872. Visit the Adoption Center website www.adopt.org to Meet the Children.

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