For five years, The Healed Project has created a musical platform that infuses sound, art and melodies to uplift and empower the human spirit. Creator and producer Tyrese S. Thomas describes the movement as “a narrative for those who have survived.”

“We’ve done concerts and the emotional state, the energy, the excitement and the tears that we experience with those who come to our concerts,” notes the Southwest Philly native. “People can get a human experience. They ask, ‘Where did you find those lyrics?’ and I’m telling them my life is the lyric. That has been my drive.”

Thomas, 38, has been a member of Abundant Life Healing Fellowship Church since age of 14, adding, “It has played a significant part in my development.”

Thomas’ songwriting encompasses not only his, but the struggles and victories of others, and is a major inspiration for his creativity. Joined by several indie artists from around the Philadelphia region, THP is a multifaceted presentation of soul, rock, classical and alternative musical influences.

“I write lyrics, create videos and feature concerts that will directly speak to this cause,” Thomas explained. “It is so important for me to create music that will last by way of its lyrics and its musical arrangements. I aim to strike an emotional chord with listeners alike.”

To celebrate its anniversary, the music entity is releasing a new single entitled, “Dance it Away” on May 17.

Thomas adds: “Here we are five years later still going at it strong. And I believe in it more now than than because I recovered so much, even lost some things in those five years. But from a maturity perspective, I really understand what The Healed Project is. It is human movement that I’m trying to create. Because people, I think, we’re masters of the disguise, and we’re masters of hiding some of the hurts and difficulties — man and woman — that we’ve gone through.”

For more information, visit (215) 893-5749

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