The Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes Annual “June Social” is always an inspiring and enjoyable time to end the Silhouettes program year.

It was a very special time for members of Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes and the men of Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. to reflect upon the chapter’s achievements during 2018-19.

The upbeat event took place at the Kappa Achievement Center in historic Germantown on Sunday, June 23.

Philadelphia Kappa Silhouette Sharritha Thigpen-Prater graciously welcomed everyone. She said, “In addition to celebrating the close of the program year and to reflect on the activities and accomplishments of the chapter, this is an opportunity for us to enjoy great food, fun, and fellowship with our Kappa men and friends before we retire for the summer break.” Silhouette Antoinette Johnson did a terrific job chairing this year’s June Social with her committee and also extended a warm welcome to those “Out & About.”

Chapter officers serving with Thigpen-Prater are Vice President Darlene Sandlin, Lena Adams, Kathryn Bazemore, Anita Green, Linnea Griffith, Deborah P. Williams, Michelle J.P. Mack, Eunice L. Patterson, Karen P. Dean, Marie H. Simpkins, Kathleen Lee, Delores Andrews, Kathleen Lee and Elizabeth R. Rivers.

Members of the Philadelphia Chapter of Kappa Silhouettes are extremely involved in plans for the 48th National Silhouettes Conference that will be held in Philadelphia from July 30 to Aug. 4, 2019, as Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity concurrently hosts the fraternity’s 84th Grand Chapter Meeting (conclave). Silhouettes Karen Dean and Darlene Sandlin are co-chairs for the National Silhouettes Conference.

L. Douglas Harrell, the 48th Polemarch of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., thanked Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes for their continued important support of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter throughout the year. He also highlighted exciting upcoming events that will take place during the 84th Grand Chapter Meeting this summer.

There were a number of special presentations during the event. Monetary donations presented to Philadelphia Alumni Chapter Housing Board accepted by Polemarch Harrell. The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Achievement Academy which mentors boys ages 9-18. A monetary donation was also accepted by Kappa Linwood Green III who serves as president of the Kappa Achievement Academy.

Sickle Cell Disease Association received by Stanley Simpkins, Executive Director and member of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter. He spoke briefly about Sickle Cell Disease, thanked the Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes for the donations received yearly from the chapter and noted that the chapter is listed each year in the organization’s literature as a supporter. All present were encouraged to support the Annual Walter E. Brandon Sickle Cell 5-K Walk/Run this fall.

Kappa men Craig Walker, Thom Williams, and Eddie Fields were recognized by the Silhouettes for their assistance to the chapter. All were presented with tokens of appreciation.

It was especially enjoyable to be totally entertained as Polemarch Harrell, Past Polemarch Bobby Hunter, Kappa Ramsey “Kippie” Chew and Kappa Thom Williams Serenaded Kappa Silhouettes (karaoke style) with classic Temptations songs including “My Girl.” Of course, they substituted “My Silhouettes.”

The Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes state: “The Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes organization was founded October 3, 1923. Its members are the wives and widows of the men of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes are proud to have amassed a history of 96 years. In accordance with their chapter motto, “Working Together Works”, the Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes plan, implement, and participate in Silhouette specific activities, as well as support the events and community programs of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes support a number of worthy causes throughout the year. These worthy causes have included: G. E. Thorne Foundation “Praise is the Cure”, the Lupus Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Sickle Cell Association, and Autism Speaks. Additionally, this year the organization donated toiletry items to Women Against Abuse, a 501© (3) non-profit agency in Philadelphia. This organization, the leading domestic violence advocate and service provider in the city, is among the largest in the country. This organization will be recognized at the 48th National Silhouettes Conference Luncheon. Finally, the Philadelphia Kappa Silhouettes completes its service for the year by providing stipends to graduating high school students who plan to pursue higher education.”

Congratulations for another great year to celebrate!

Ha fantastic week “Out & About” everyone!

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