Gloria Toxey Jones and her husband, founders of the charitable “Everglo” hosted its 8th annual “Appreciation Party” on Saturday, July 13, 2019, in Blue Bell, Pa.

The couple who are well known on Philly’s social scene and have been married over 40 years, warmly welcomed nearly 100 guests to enjoy an afternoon of fellowship, conversation and fun.

The purpose of the event is to thank individuals for their continued support of their charitable endeavors through Everglo Inc. Gloria and Everett founded Everglo Inc. more than two decades ago as a way to serve those in need.

The gathering began with Frances Johnson offering an inspiring prayer and blessing of the food. There was a diverse group of guests, including family, friends and neighbors. Caterer Chef Irvin Riley always has a delicious spread to please the palate. A champagne toast was given by host Everett Jones to Barbara and Lawrence Stallworth who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

In closing, Gloria once again expressed her gratitude to “all who so unselfishly rise to the occasion to help those who are less fortunate than others.”

The Jones continued, “We are delighted to show our sincere gratitude to those who have generously supported various community-based, mentoring, educational and other charitable causes. We have been blessed to understand the importance of giving back.”

Among the guests enjoying the afternoon of love, friendship and camaraderie were Claudette Boyd and Leonard Smith, Cynthia and Russell Brown, Terri and Paul Jones, Robert Carter, Anne and Leon Chain, Deborah Delaney, Patricia Evans, Arnell and Charles Finney, Patricia and Gaylord George, Ann Hairston, Frances Johnson, Denise and Danny King, Truddy Lowe, Deanna and Charles Minnis, Louise Moss, Lorraine Poole-Naranjo, Yolanda and Booker Poole Jr., Shanell Potts and Efrem Gibbs, Elizabeth and William Rivers Jr.; and Marie and Stanley Simpkins.

Others “Out & About” for the casual, relaxing affair included Diedrelaithe Gibson Smith, Phyllis Stickney and Andrew Antrim, Marian Tasco and Ishaq Samai, Brenda and Ron Taylor, Cecilia Victory, Susan and Don-Claude Waterford, Dolores Weddington, Barbara White, Debora Brown, Dr. Charles and Ruth Bridges, Kathleen Williams, Margery Mallory, Sean Anderson and Danielle Munson, Alicia and Fred Johnson, Margaret Lloyd, Karen and Jerome Dean, Sonya Toxey Stackpole, Eva and George Lipscomb, Doris Matthews, Michelle Holloway and Roberta and James Muse.

The generosity and hospitality of Gloria Toxey Jones and Everett Jones are exceptional. They continue to inspire and uplift us.

Have a fantastic week “Out & About” everyone!

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