Ye Olde Phila. Club kicks off spring social season

Members of Ye Olde Philadelphia Club and their wives gather for a photo. — TRIBUNE PHOTO BY ROBERT MENDELSOHN

The gentlemen of Ye Olde Philadelphia Club began their spring social season with elegance and flair. On Saturday they hosted their 87th annual Spring Formal at the Springfield Country Club in Delaware County. It was fabulous!

Ye Olde Philadelphia Club 2012-2013 officers are president, Preston M. Taylor; vice president, Michael K. LeVere; treasurer, William J. Burke; secretary, Byron D. Golson and assistant secretary, Huie A. Douglas III.

Newly elected 2013-2014 officers were introduced. They are president, Michael K. LeVere, vice president Byron D. Golson and new secretary, Eugene T. Golson.

Ladies made beautiful fashion statements and so did the men at the black-tie affair. Gowns were a rainbow of colors, varying in style. All styles adapted to the dance floor when the popular band, Sandstorm, performed. Remember the saying,”Everybody get down?”

The evening began with a lively cocktail reception where members and guests shared laughter and good conversation. A delicious sit down dinner followed.

One of the highlights of the evening was a special presentation to Robert L. Chapman, there with his lovely wife, Rose Chapman. He was acknowledged for dutifully serving as club secretary for the past 16 years. Chapman was joined by his son, Robert L. Chapman Jr., and his wife, Tami Chapman, who traveled from North Carolina for the event. The Chapman’s daughter, Gayle Upson, and her husband, Tony Upson, traveled from Washington, D.C. Their daughter, Deborah Flamer, and husband, Les Flamer, were also there to honor their parents.

I have always enjoyed being the guest of Michael LeVere and his gracious wife and new first lady, Hortense LeVere. This year I joined entertainment committee member, Louis De Vaughn and his beautiful wife, Elaine Evans DeVaughn. Other guests of the DeVaughns were Fred and Maryanne Roney, Shawn Alexandra Graham and Roger Graham and Joyce Mathews and Joseph Watkins.

The entertainment committee co-chairs, who did an incredible job, were Thomas B. Garrett and James L. Potts Jr. Members of the committee who helped to make this a memorable affair, in addition to Louis DeVaughn, were Charles J. Bush, Jr., Jeffery L. Chapman, David N. Donaldson, Thomas B. Garrett, James L. Potts Jr. and Artis T. Ray.

There were so many wonderful people there that I always look forward to seeing. Among the hundreds, including members and guests, were: Allen and Kathy Thomas; Dr. Ike Abney and Ruth Garcia, Gloria and Rick Hawkins, Bernard and Mila Chavis, Rob and Barbara Gorgas, (Thank you to Rob who is always willing to share his great photos) the beautiful young couple, Tom and Mayla Jackson, William and April Rawlings, Dr. Walter and Nicole Harris, Anthony Jenkins and Irenda Geneva Gates, Judge John and Linda Braxton, Jimm and Deborah Mckee, Don and Susan Waterford, Frank and Diane Gilbert, Robert Bembrey, Gail Hawkins Bush, Lloyd and Charles Mitchell Joseph and Linda Meade, Marie Golson, Monique Braxton and Dr. Reginald Royster, Mariska K. Bogle, Irv and Carlotta Randolph, Leslie Cousins and Jerome Mond, Paul and Maxine Coker and Darryl and Linda Stephens and Audrey Johnson-Thornton and Bernard Johnson.

The club’s board of directors is Stephen L. Allen, Derrick O. Edwards, Joe Hill, Benes Lawrence, Reginal E. Walker, Don Waterford and past president Eugene T. Golson.

Thank you for another truly enjoyable evening. Best wishes to all.

Have a fantastic week “Out & About” everyone!

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