60th Street Summer Jam

Neighbors dance at the 60th Street Summer Jam on Saturday in West Philadelphia. — TRIBUNE PHOTO / NATHANIEL LEE

Neighbors gathered Saturday for the annual 60th Street Health and Wellness Summer Jam hosted by state Rep. Joanna McClinton.

“We do this event because we need to return the word ‘neighbor’ in the neighborhood,” McClinton said. “If you don’t have something positive where people can come together — not a vigil, not a murder where someone has died, not an emergency meeting where we are all upset but a positive moment where we all come together — this is a chance for you to have a great day right here in the neighborhood.”

People gathered beneath the elevated platform at Market Street and along the 60th Street business corridor for the event, which featured large water slides, information tables hosted by representatives from various offices, agencies and organizations, health screenings and refreshments.

“Most importantly there are empowerment resources at over 40 tables with free information and free tools. Whether it’s for building your credit, buying your house, getting health insurance or getting a doctor, these are things that aren’t always here on 60th and Market,” she said.

McClinton said the significant turnout indicated that the annual event should continue.

“I think that many people in our community don’t have opportunities to perform and share their gifts, so instead of getting big-name people, I like to find the people that we don’t all know ... but they’re as gifted and as talented,” McClinton said.

State Sen. Anthony H. Williams and state Rep. Movita Johnson Harrell also attended.

“I’m here because Joanna McClinton is a person I greatly respect and revere and her work [for] the community, in some tough areas, is represented here,” Williams said.

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