Playing a role that has been done before by some of the best in the business can be daunting for some actors but not for Comedienne Kim Wayans. When the former “In Living Color” actress takes on the role of God in Bristol Riverside Theatre’s Act of God, she’ll have a trick up her sleeve, self-reflection.

“The thing is, you cant look at what anyone else has done. I have to look inside Kim and find the God in there and bring it back to the audience. You can’t look at what so and so did, so I haven’t seen a production of this play before. I haven’t seen what Sean Hayes did in Los Angeles or what Jim Parsons did on Broadway. I don’t know what they did. I know it was fabulous but I don’t know what they did. You bring your essence. You bring your uniqueness to this role,” Wayans said.

As in life, even with the best preparation, there are going to be things that are unexpected. One of the surprising hurdles the actress faced playing God was balancing the words on the page versus her own life experiences.

She said, “As an actor, I approached God from a different place, according to the text, how God is depicted in the text. As a human being, you know I have my own idea and concept of God which is not necessarily of a person or person-like entity but more so as an energy or force.”

Tackling heavy topics like spirituality is not new to the former Fly Girl, she did that and more in the one-woman-show she put on about a decade ago.

“I did a one-woman show many years ago called “A Handsome Woman Retreats” and it explored a lot of similar themes about religion, spirituality, and how that influences life, etc,” she said.

When presenting such heavy topics, it’s hard to not have questions.

“If I had the chance, today, I would ask God to let me have the understanding beyond what it is that we see so that I can truly understand what this journey is all about. People always say ‘everything happens for a reason’. I would ask God to give me what it is and why it’s necessary and have that understanding of why things happen the way they happen,” Wayans said.

After literally playing God, one would think that things couldn’t get any better but Kim has her sights set on more.

“More more more… I want more interesting, non-stereotypical, fully embodied roles. I’d like more directing. I’m getting ready to get back into more sitcoms, that’s something I did many years ago and really enjoyed. I’m looking to do more of that. I’m writing. I’m developing a couple of projects with a couple of different partners. It’s more of the same. More of rotating those hats,” said Wayans. (215) 893-5749

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