Family Business

Carl Weber is the author of “Family Business 3.”

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Family comes first.

That was a tenet you grew up with: nobody better come between you, sibs, and parents. Fam forever, sticking together.

But is blood really thicker than water? In the new book “Family Business 3” (Urban Books $23.95) by Carl Weber with Treasure Hernandez, both spill just as easily.

Junior Duncan was a man in love.

He never thought he could feel this way, but Sonya made him crazy-happy. She was beautiful, smart, sexy — and though he didn’t know it at first, she was also the wife of Brother Xavier, murderous leader of the Duncan family’s biggest rivals. So on the day that Junior’s proposal to Sonya led to death threats, the Duncans circled the wagons.

Sonya tried hard to stay away from Junior, to protect him and his family, but it wasn’t possible; she knew that Xavier would kill the entire Duncan family in a second but she loved Junior too much. When he vowed to protect her, she ran away with him, hoping their escape wouldn’t lead to harm (or worse!) for everyone they loved.

Brother X was insane with jealousy and anger. If he couldn’t have Sonya, then nobody could, and he’d start looking for her by doing as much damage as he could to Junior Duncan’s family. But first, he had to break out of prison and then he had to try to broker a deal with Bernie Goldman and his men.

Gathering warriors was important now. What Junior did with X’s wife meant war.

Paris Duncan had always been Daddy’s Girl. Patriarch LC had taught his baby girl how to shoot, fight, and kill, and now Paris was one of the Duncan Family’s best soldiers. She’d even assassinated the man she loved because it needed doing. But it practically killed Paris when LC was shot in the chest by someone he knew.

It was widely known on the streets that nobody messed with Vegas Duncan. Fresh out of prison, Vegas was ready to take his usual position of security in the Duncan Family but the growing war with Brother X … it concerned him. There could be a lot of bloodshed with this kind of street-fighting. Vegas’ mentor offered to help quiet troubled waters, but would Minister Farah’s intercession be enough?

Action, sex, drugs and violence — this book has all that packed between its covers. It’s gangsta gone gang-busters. And it’s kind of ho-hum.

In “The Family Business 3,” the women are beautiful, scantily-clad, and oversexed. The men are tall, handsome sure-shots, and oversexed. There’s the usual gay brother who crushes on a thug, violent twins, baby-daddy drama, a “dirty cop” on the dole, and ethnic mafias everywhere.


Yes, author Carl Weber (with Treasure Hernandez) includes just what you’d expect in a book like this. And yes, it’s tired.

Having said that, though, if you’ve read the first two “Family Business” novels, you’ll undoubtedly want to know what happens next. You’re probably wondering now, so go ahead. Put “Family Business 3” on your shelf. But I wouldn’t be grabbing it first.

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