The gentlemen of Club D.O.M. (Distinguished Old Men) hosted their 44th Annual Spring Gala on Saturday, June 1. The lavish black-tie affair, which is the club’s signature event, was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in King of Prussia.

Current officers of the club are: president, Gaylord George; vice president, Willie Allen; treasurer, Leon Chain; business manager, Alfred Fisher; Esq.; secretary, Michael Green; parliamentarian, Stanley Simpkins; historian, Marc Antony King and immediate past president, James Alston.

President George welcomed nearly three-hundred formally attired guests and introduced members who were distinguished in white dinner jackets and club medallions. He also acknowledged and thanked Club D.O.M. wives for their love and support throughout the years. Stephanie Vaughn King Esq. (wife of member Marc Anthony King) led the group as they sang an uplifting version of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” Castell Abner Esq. offered the invocation before we enjoyed a delicious five course dinner.

There were a number of outstanding 2019 Club D.O.M. awardees. They included Richard Phipps Jr., recognized for his longevity in Club D.O.M.; King, for his service as past president and recruiter for Club D.O.M.; Michael Green for meritorious service as secretary of Club D.O.M., Leon Chain for his exceptional commitment as Club D.O.M. treasurer and Alfred Fisher Esq. for exceptional service to Club D.O.M. as business manager and Spring Gala coordinator.

New members proudly welcomed to Club D.O.M. were Jeffrey Smith with his wife Carol, Steven Miller with his wife Terisa; and Walter Mangual with his wife Carla.

Guests of George and his first lady Patricia were: Jay Dempsey and Deborah Farrare, Mark and Lorraine Chandler, John Adams and his wife Dr. Darlene Adams, Thomas Jacobs and his wife Loretta, Archbishop Mary Floyd Palmer and the Rev. Dr. John Thompson.

Vice President Willie Allen and his wife Donna were joined by Cartier Allen, Tiffany Allen, Rhonda Lee, Ronald and Barbara Lee, Aaron and Arlene Findley and Melvin and Veronica Johnson.

I was delighted to join Charles Minnis and his wife Deanna and their guests — James and Thelma Garrett, Benjamin and Juanita Jackson, Adrienne McKinney and Ray Renier, William and Rosalind Kilson and Gus Lacy.

Guests of Alfred Fisher Esq. and his wife Patrice, Wilbur and Andrea Ross, William and Sandra Powell, Hosea and Vicki Johnson and Reggie Rucker with his wife Samantha Thomas Esq., LaDon and Margaret Marsh, Marvin and Michele Young, Theodore and Shelly Robinson and Steve Barron and Cynthia Young were guests of Mike and Cheryl Green.

Alonzo and Gloria Kittrells, Lawrence and Barbara Stallworth, Charles and Barbara Sawyer, Vernon and Patricia Kendall and Barbara White were spotted having a wonderful time with Richard Phipps and Dr. Dorri Phipps.

Guests of Leon Chain and wife Anne Chain, Ted and Karen Horn, Ken and Shelia Green, Louis and Claudia Williams and Charlie Keith. Charles and Stacy Trulear, Warren and Meridel Peterson, James and Bernice McIntyre were guests of Stanley Simpkins and his wife Marie.

“Out & About” with James Alston and his wife Cheryl were Tony and Kathy Eaton, Kenneth and Cora Marsenburg, Charles and Shirley Ferguson, Jennifer Gilliam, Karen McInnis, Michael Lewis and Katherine Lewis and Wilbur Brockenbrough.

Marc Antony King and his wife Stephanie Vaughn King, Esq. were joined by Stephen and Verna Cox, Harold and Barbara Yates, Burena Moses, Rhonda Hill Wilson, Esq. and Dr. Ricardo Vance.

Guests of Courtney Carter and wife Carolyn were Dr. Joseph Meade and his wife Linda Meade, (Linda’s father and Courtney Carter were charter members of the club) Ollie and Libby Boyd, Robert and Marcella Jackson and James and Judy Royal.

Other Club D.O.M. members and their wives enjoying the lovely evening were: Castell Abner Esq. and wife Adrienne Abner Esq., Kevin Whiting and wife Mary, Jerry Valentine and wife Pauline, Jerome Henderson and wife Cora, Ronald Lee Goodrich and wife Anita. Jimmy Watson escorted his daughter Dr. D’Ana Waters.

“The Band” was definitely on point with all the right hits by artists such as Philly’s own Jill Scott to Chi Town’s Chaka Khan. DJ Red played a great selection of tunes. It was another memorable evening that highlighted Philadelphia’s social scene in a very special way.

Have a fantastic week “Out & About” everyone!

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