Back in the Day

It is here again! I need not take time to elaborate on what the “it” is. You know that the past several weeks have been unbearable. If you ask me in what way, I will conclude that you just got back from outer space. The hot weather has been brutal!

While you have been encouraged not to, you do it anyway. You do it, despite the likelihood of adding inches to your waistline. Yet, many of us will have a dish of ice cream just before bedtime.

I am not big on watching television. There are times, however, when a show comes on that catches my attention. Of course, sports, in particular football, basketball and track events will get me in front of a television almost immediately. When my attention turns to watching television, I usu…

This has again been another tough week. The attention to the coronavirus pandemic was replaced with the events and the aftermath surrounding the death of George Floyd. Many of us continued to find ourselves hunkered down in our homes struggling to find things to do. Leaving our homes continu…

So, what did you do last Monday? The “pomp and circumstance” associated with this day means that it is prominently marked on most calendars. However, you may not have realized until the last minute that last Monday was Memorial Day.

I had every intention of staying away from referencing the coronavirus in today’s column. This virus was referenced in each of my columns over the past eight weeks and I was determined to move on; to get my mind on some other subject.

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Today is Mother’s Day. For many of us, however, today will not seem like Mother’s Day. The things that many of us did in the past on Mother’s Days will not take place this year due to the impact of this coronavirus epidemic that is plaguing our country and the world.

Last Saturday’s weather was outstanding. When I telephoned one of my good friends, his wife answered and told me that she had just returned from a relaxing leisurely walk. She encouraged me to do the same during the perfect weather.