Carla J. Lawson

Carla J. Lawson

Visual artist and author, Carla J. Lawson has launched a Go Fund Me campaign for the next, African American female superhero, she announced through her publicist.

“The next, Black, female superhero is a campaign sci-fi fans can get behind of,” stated Fran Briggs, publicist to Lawson. “The author’s platform includes a literary soundtrack and an exciting, three-book series.”

The series features Odara, an African American, female superhero. Odara superpowers allow her to feel everything, see what no one else can, and hear the voices of the earth. The character diversifies science fiction as well as creates strong force in Afro futurism.

“It’s an honor to introduce the next, Black female Superhero. Using her supernatural understanding, Odara embraces her role as a warrior for the greater good,” explained Lawson. “Among her weapons are knowledge, timeless wisdom, and ability to time travel, and control physical motion.

“I am raising money so that I can recognize my backers with unique, valuable rewards that represent the book series. But I am also generating revenue to employ a first-class, marketing, production, publicity campaign, and publishing team to ensure that the series receives the tools it needs to succeed.”

The northern California resident added that she is looking forward to delivering one of a kind, rewards and perks to her backers. Among the rewards for backers are the literary soundtrack by Black Women in Jazz, Lifetime Achievement award-winner, DeeJazz; executive producer naming rights, and matted and framed, original art work by Carla J. Lawson.

For more information, visit — (Chicago Defender)

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