Officers Shot Philadelphia

A shooting scene in Philadelphia last year. — AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Race for peace in Philadelphia

Philadelphia ended 2022 with more than 500 homicides, marking the third consecutive year it has surpassed that grim milestone.

At the Race for Peace Committee, we believe solutions to address this unacceptable violence start with bringing a range of constituencies together. Our 501©3 nonprofit organization was formed in 2016 to enrich the lives of residents in all communities through programs, resources and activities for families. We strive to establish understanding between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

The main goals are ongoing and continuous dialogue between communities and the police, mentoring youth and promoting excellence in police officer training. An example of our work will be organizing events in which young people, seniors and other community members can have positive interactions with police officers working in our city. We seek to help close the divide between the police and some in our neighborhoods.

The committee will work to deliver on reachable goals and solutions that support peace. For more information, visit our website,

Alim Howell


Home care nursing is failing families

I am reaching out in a desperate effort to bring awareness about not just my family, but many that look like mine. We are suffering and no one cares.

This problem starts with the state not monitoring the nursing agencies that are not filling the jobs that they are being paid to do for medically fragile patients. The Department of Human Services and the Office of Developmental Programs are not doing enough to assist our families. When this happens, families like mine go without nursing coverage for long periods of time.

The agencies continue to say, “we have no nurses.” This is not true at all. There is not a shortage of nurses in home care, there is a shortage of nurses who are not being properly compensated for the job that they do, and that is it. Agencies would rather leave a case uncovered because they do not want to pay overtime. This is common practice.

Personally, I have requested the written documentation from my daughter’s support coordinating agency regarding direct care services (when the parent/family is responsible for obtaining the licenses skilled nursing staff and the staff is paid directly from the state).

I realize this may be more involved paperwork for the supports coordinator to do, but I was under the impression that they are here to support the client. It is so much more. Please come to my home and you can see for yourself.

Katherine Lisa Stokes


The price of insulin should be capped

It’s a new year and there is some good news about prescription drug prices to celebrate, especially if you’re a Medicare consumer like me.

The price of insulin on Part D plans will be capped at $35 per month. We can get all our adult vaccinations without a copay. And, pharmaceutical companies can’t raise their prices faster than the rate of inflation, which will benefit everyone.

But there is much more to do. The price of insulin should be capped for everyone, not just Medicare consumers. And the prices of other drugs should be brought down, too.

According to incoming Republican members of Congress, one of their top goals is to repeal the gains we’ve made on prescription drug prices. That would be a huge mistake. We need to make the reforms stronger to help more Americans no matter what insurance they use.

Mona Lamberson


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