Jacquelyn Wright

A social media alert circulated early Friday, informing Philadelphia music fans and friends of the arrest of Jacquelyn “Jaguar” Wright.

Wright, 39, was charged with child abduction after her arrest on Sept. 27 at Miami International Airport. On Oct. 7, she was extradited from a Miami-Dade County jail to Cook County Jail in Chicago, where officials confirmed her arrest.

Wright has had two court dates in Illinois, and the case was continued on Oct. 12.

Family and friends in her hometown of Philadelphia were made aware of the situation when a fundraising campaign, titled “Jaguar Wright Legal Defense Fund,” went live on Thursday. It aims “to aid her in her fight to clear her name and release of these charges.”

The site says “the state claims that she kidnapped her son last year during a time when the son was staying with her with the knowledge of the son’s father. Since then, the son has agreeably spent time with the father and the summer with Jaguar; all agreed upon by both parents, both co-parenting.

“The abduction charges were still in effect from 2015 because they were never requested to be dropped by the father,” it continues. “That being the case, Jaguar now sits in a Cook County jail awaiting trial, and having to establish legal counsel in Illinois, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Legal costs can get as high as $25,000 for the felony charge of abduction, and as low as $15,000.”

To date, the fundraising campaign has been shared more than 500 times. Concerned donors offered financial support, legal advice and prayers for the troubled singer.

“Philly supports Philly, no matter what,” wrote Kenneth Anthony. “This hurts my soul.”

Wright was brought to the attention of hip-hop group The Roots in 2001, which eventually led to her touring with them.

Wright has released two solo albums: “Denials, Delusions & Decisions” in 2002, and “Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul” in 2005. She has toured every year since her debut album was released, and was returning from an international tour date when she was arrested last month.

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