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Wayne Brady will show off his musical skills on “Let’s Make a Deal.” — file photo

On Thursday Nov. 13 at 10 a.m. on CBS, Wayne Brady will host a brand new “all-musical” themed episode of “Let’s Make a Deal,” celebrating “30,000 Reasons to Love Me” recipient of the show’s first-ever Emmy Award for “Best Original Song,” Thursday, Nov. 13, on CBS.

Brady, an improvisational genius, will sing his way through the wacky daytime game show, and encourage the zealous contestants to do the same.

“I’m from Arizona!” croaks one female contestant.

“You’ve got a face for film and a voice for magazines!” Brady, without missing a beat, sings in response.

Each “act” will feature a different style of music and varying levels of vocal skills. Brady and announcer Jonathan Mangum will show off their musical talent in numbers performed throughout the episode.

“I’ve been saying this so long now about the show. This is not a regular game show,” Brady, a multiple Emmy Award winner, said recently on “The Talk.” “I couldn’t have signed on to do a regular game show, ‘cause that’s not me. We — the whole team — they have crafted this thing where randomly, songs happen. Randomly, someone will dance. Randomly, I’m doing a scene with someone. Randomly, Jonathan and I are being silly doing this stuff, and we still get to have fun and give away the money. So we figured, why not just have an all-musical show where we get to have fun and we give [composer] Cat Gray a chance to play, and Jonathan and I, we improvise. And we sing a lot of the deals. We just won an Emmy, myself and Cat Gray, for the song that we wrote, which actually means a song that we improvised in a minute! That’s pretty cool, so we decided to devote a whole episode to it.”

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