A comedian, radio and TV host, author, actor, dancer, husband, father, and so much more, D.L. Hughley is ready to tackle the next item on his busy schedule.

“My current plate is pretty full,” says Darryl Lynn Hughley — better known as D.L.

One of the original Kings of Comedy, Hughley released his second book in 2016, titled “Black Man, White House,” a faux history of the Barack Obama years. That book made the New York Times Bestseller List.

Hughley is best known as the original host of BET’s ComicView from 1992 to 1993, the main character on the ABC/UPN sitcom The Hughleys, and as one of the “Big Four” comedians in The Original Kings of Comedy (he accompanied Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey and Bernie Mac).

Now Hughley is hard at work on his next book.

“My latest book comedically deals with a peace treaty between America and people of color,” he explains. “I hope to be finished by November and the book should be out by the spring of 2020.”

But with it all, Hughley insists his life’s work is looking deep into what makes people tick — especially those who lead and those who follow.

“I think I’ve always been interested in what powerful people do that affects others. And I think now, more than ever, politics has sort of morphed into pop culture,” Hughley is quick to point out.

Raised in L.A.’s South Central neighborhood, Hughley explains that he’s always done things that made people look at him sideways, but can’t say he’s always been a funny person.

“It’s ironic to me that people think I’ve always been funny. I’m inclined to look at myself as just being who I am, and I found a profession that is tailor-made for my personality. I just had to find out who I was,” he says.

So who is he?

“I think I’m many things, including a husband and father, a comedian, a writer. I’m also a person who’s flawed, and a person who loves humanity. I’m a person who’s a whole lot of things,” Hughley says.

Soon to appear at the Helium Comedy Club, Aug. 9-11, Hughley says he’s looking forward to coming to Philadelphia, the place where he filmed his 11th special, “D.L. Hughley: Contrarian.”

And in order to prepare for his material that often touches on political issues as well as pop culture, Hughley says he’s a great reader, and has to be in order to write the things he wants to share with his audience.

“I read constantly and tend to read things I’m not always in agreement with. So I try to read local stuff. I try to read international stuff. I try to read conservative stuff as well as liberal stuff.

“I’m a very busy person,” he continues, “but I genuinely love everything I do. I get up and do my radio and TV show essentially at the same time. I need to read a lot to do those shows, as well as my stand-up. It’s all virtually the same thing. I think the ingredients are all connected and encompass who I am. There’s always something interesting percolating in the country, so I try to find my own take on it.”

Now doing his stand-up in Birmingham, Alabama, a place, he notes, “that has passed some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. It’s a most interesting place, with one of the longest constitutions in American history. And all of it means NO!”

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