On Tuesday, May 1 at 9 p.m., the Emmy Award-winning VH1 series "Rock Docs" continues with a new film titled "Uprising: Hip Hop and The L.A. Riots."

Executive produced and narrated by hip hop icon Snoop Dogg and directed by Mark Ford, "Uprising: Hip Hop and The L.A. Riots" premiered in March at the SXSW Film Festival, receiving rave reviews. Now 20 years removed from the beating of Rodney King in South Central Los Angeles and the resulting riots, this candid account "explores the connection between the violence manifested on the streets during the 1992 riots and the rage expressed in Hip Hop by NWA, Dr. Dre, Ice T. and Ice Cube," among others.

According to the network, "Uprising: Hip Hop and The L.A. Riots" tells the story of "the most destructive riot in American history" and is scored by some of the most iconic and controversial hip hop tracks of all time, including NWA's "F Tha Police" and Body Count's "Cop Killer." With definitive first-hand accounts and exclusive rare footage that was locked away and hasn't been seen until now, the documentary gives an inside look at the four tumultuous days that left 53 people dead and over 12,000 arrested.

"Uprising" is told through the diverse perspective of the rappers, musicians, police officers and victims who lived through the L.A. Riots in April, 1992. Viewers will also witness the unheard stories of well known figures and hip hop artists who were affected by or were actual participants in the riots, including Rodney King, Arsenio Hall, Ice T, Professor Todd Boyd (USC), Connie Rice (civil rights attorney) filmmaker John Singleton, Too Short, KRS-One, Nas and Henry Watson (one of the "LA Four" convicted of beating Reginald Denny).      

The film shows archival footage of the white motorist being dragged from his vehicle and beaten on the streets of South Central Los Angeles, along with the looting, arson and general unrest that overtook the city.  

VH1's "Rock Docs are "feature-length documentaries that tell unique stories of artists and music from a wide range of genres, styles and musical perspectives."


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